Biden Blasts Sanders for Comments on Cuba and China During Democratic Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden ripped into Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) for comments he made in defense of Fidel Castro.

During the Democratic debate in South Carolina, Sanders was asked about comments he made, claiming that China had brought more people out of poverty than any other country in the world. As well as saying he thought Castro’s literacy program was a “good thing.”

Sanders was asked if Americans could trust that he wouldn’t give authoritarian governments a “free pass” after he said that Castro’s literacy program was good.

“What I said is what Barack Obama said in terms of Cuba. That Cuba made progress on education,” Sanders said, drawing boos from the crowd. 

“Really? Really? Literacy programs are bad? What Barack Obama said is they made great progress on education and healthcare,” Sanders responded.

Watch the video below:

As other candidates tried to interject, Sanders pressed on to say that authoritarian regimes should be recognized when they “do something good.”

“Occasionally, it might be a good idea, to be honest about American foreign policy. And that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world. In Chile, in Guatemala, in Iran. And when dictatorships, whether it is the Chinese or the Cubans, do something good, you acknowledge that.” 

Biden pushed back, “Barack Obama was abroad, he was in a town meeting. He did not, in any way, suggest that there was anything positive about the Cuban government.”

“He acknowledged that they did increase life expectancy. But he went on and condemned the dictatorship. He went on and condemned the people who, in fact, had run that committee,” he added.

He continued: 

“But the fact of the matter is, he, in fact, does not, did not, has never embraced an authoritarian regime. And does not now. And this man said that in fact, he thought it was … he did not condemn what they did.”

Sanders did say he condemned Castro’s treatment of the people of Cuba. But he also said he thought Castro’s literacy programs were good. 

Sanders’ comments have drawn criticism. Despite the criticism, Sanders did not show any sign of walking back his comments.


  1. Thank God that Trump’s buddies from North Korea and Russia, plus the middle East (which side are we on now) are such ideals of human rights and equality. I feel so much better now.

  2. China’s shameful history includes starving 45-60 million of its own people through Mao’s centrally-planned land reforms.

    Bernie says they raised the standard of living. That’s easy when there are people there still living with dirt floors and without running water or electricity.

    Capitalism has raised the living standards of far more people than communism. The key is you have to work for it and not just stick your hand out.

  3. Bernie’s so glib about telling the “easy”, “shiny” things without telling the dark side.

    Cuban literacy test: read propaganda posters.
    Cuban medical care: don’t get sick.

    No wonder he suckers the greedy, selfish, and failed.

  4. “literacy” makes it easier to indoctrinate, especially when the state controls the press, education, and books.

    Cuba has a two-tiered health system. A good one for those like Castro, his cronies and tourists. The “other” one for everyone else. The “other” lacks modern equipment, hygiene, common drugs (like aspirin), and patients must bring their own bed linens and toilet paper. Just like Venezuela.

    Patients of the “other” must frequently travel clear across the island to see specialists because the local ones have been sent abroad.

    Note that Cuba’s “export” of doctors is a money-making enterprise, where they keep over 50% of the money paid.

    Note also that Castro went to SPAIN for medical treatment when he was dying. Too bad he couldn’t stay on his son Antonio’s 160-ft yacht while receiving treatment.

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