Biden Cluelessly States 'I Don't Want to Contain China' While CCP Pushes for World Domination


Joe Biden’s trainwreck presidency drifted aimlessly this weekend as the octogenarian repeatedly underscored that he has no interest in countering China’s plan to unseat the United States as the dominant world superpower.

The 80-year-old Democrat made a three-day trip to Asia that included a stop at the Group of 20 summit Saturday in India.

On Sunday, during Biden’s news conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, a reporter noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping had accused the Biden administration of trying to contain China.

“How would you respond to that? And do you think President Xi is being sincere about getting the relationship back on track as he bans Apple in China?” the reporter said.

Biden said he’s committed to improving the United States’ relationship with communist China.

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“Well, look, first of all, the — I am sincere about getting the relationship right. … And so, really, what this trip was about — it was less about containing China. I — I don’t want to contain China,” he said.

Biden underscored that he did not meet with the leaders of India and Vietnam this weekend to shore up support to counter China’s moves to strengthen its alliances with Russia and North Korea.

“It’s not about containing China,” the president said. “It’s about having a stable base — a stable base in the Indo-Pacific. … It’s not about isolating China.”

Under normal circumstances, Biden’s diplomatic approach toward China would be laudable, but we are not in normal times.

Do you think the U.S. should try to contain China?

Geopolitical tensions have been rising, and it’s obvious that global alliances are shifting in a way that does not recognize the United States’ heretofore unquestioned authority as the pre-eminent world power.

There’s no doubt that Biden’s inexcusably weak leadership has emboldened America’s enemies and his countless gaffes have made the U.S. a global laughingstock.

Eight months after Biden was sworn in as president, the U.S. Air Force’s first chief software officer resigned in protest, saying China would emerge as the world’s pre-eminent superpower soon because it was on track to surpass the U.S. in cyberwarfare and artificial intelligence.

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“We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years,” Nicolas Chaillan told the Financial Times. “Right now, it’s already a done deal; it is already over in my opinion.”

He said U.S. cyberdefenses were at a “kindergarten level,” making America an easy target for large-scale hacking operations that could cripple the nation’s infrastructure and financial systems.

The Biden administration seems to have made combating “climate change” and promoting transgenderism — not defending the homeland — the centerpiece of the nation’s military strategy.

In March, conservative analyst David Horowitz, a former radical leftist, said Biden is guilty of treason for selling out the United States for piles of dirty cash.

“Here is the blunt and clarifying way to put his activities of the last several decades: ‘Joe Biden and his family have made themselves wealthy beyond their dreams by taking millions of dollars in bribes from foreign powers, chief among them our mortal enemy Communist China,’” Horowitz wrote in a Front Page Magazine commentary titled “How Should We Regard the President’s Treason?

He said Biden’s egregious pattern of shielding foreign enemies from accountability underscores that his allegiance is not to this nation.

“The list of such cover-ups to protect the Chinese Communist dictatorship is long and depressing,” Horowitz wrote.

He said what’s especially disturbing about Biden’s incentivization of daily border invasions and the resulting fentanyl crisis is that “these attacks have taken place without America’s commander-in-chief issuing a single protest or threat against the governments of Mexico and China, even though his primary responsibility is the protection of American lives.”

How much more damage could he do if given four more years in office?

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