Biden Urges Americans to Listen to Fauci And Other Experts More Than Trump

Vice President Joe Biden insists his biggest concern about the coronavirus is the misinformation circulating about the global pandemic.

On Tuesday, Biden appeared on “The View” where he offered his take on the coronavirus outbreak. He expressed that his biggest concern is pertinent information about the pandemic, its accuracy, and how it is being presented to the American people.

“The number one thing I’m most concerned about, Whoopi, is misinformation,” Biden said.

Biden also noted the importance of circulating factual information. He is also encouraging Americans to heed the warnings of experts — scientists and doctors — to gauge the status of the coronavirus outbreak.

Specifically, he noted Dr. Anthony Fauci’s expertise suggesting that Americans listen to him — or any other expert — as opposed to listening to Trump.

“Listen to the scientists. Listen to the doctors. Listen to what they have to say,” he continued. “I would respectfully suggest that you should have Dr. Fauci on a lot more than the president or anyone who’s not an expert like Fauci, laying out exactly what’s going on.”

Check out Biden’s remarks below:

Each day, an abundance of information is being shared, changes are being made in each state daily and statistics are changing by the hour.

Biden’s interview follows the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings. During the daily discussions, Fauci has become a known face and viewers are now looking to him for factual answers.

Last week, Trump faced backlash after suggesting a medication used to treat Malaria — chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine — might be a “game-changer” and the answer to the coronavirus.

Despite the president’s claims about the medication, experts — including Dr. Fauci – noted that there was no extensive information to confirm whether or not the medication is a viable solution.

“Many of the things out there are what I have called ‘anecdotal reports,'” Fauci said. “The information that you’re referring to specifically is anecdotal. It was not done in a controlled clinical trial, so you really can’t make any definitive statement about it.”

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