Biden Calls Congressman the Wrong Name Several Times During Event


President Joe Biden repeatedly mixed up the name of a Democratic lawmaker while searching for him among the attendees of an event.

While speaking about the economy on Thursday, Biden recalled a moment during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary when he told attendees of an event to take a seat, but “there wasn’t a single chair in the place.”

“They said, ‘That Biden really is stupid,'” he added.

The president then sought out a congressman but repeatedly called him by the wrong first name.

The New York Post reports he was looking for Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.)

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“Where’s Doug?” Biden asked. “Congressman… he’s around here somewhere.”

Watch the video below:

The president later went to call Beyer by the wrong name a few more times.

“Not a joke, and one more, I’ve been saying this during the last campaign… Doug knows this… Don… look, here’s the deal,” Biden said.

He later said, “Doug, I think you might have been with me when I invited the chairman of the board of three major automobile companies in America.”

He also suffered a slip-up while talking about the amount added to the national debt during former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

“The deficit went up four years in a row, accounting for 40% of the entire 200 years of debt. You hear me?” Biden said.

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He added, “No president added more to the debt in four years than my president.”

He appeared to mean predecessor.

Biden also clarified the increase in the deficit accounted for 25% of the debt.

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