Alert: Catholic Joe Biden Just Gave the UN $5 Million to Enable Abortions in Developing Countries


In a massive turnabout from the policies of former President Donald Trump, the Biden administration is pumping millions of taxpayer dollars into a United Nations agency linked to abortions worldwide.

The State Department last week announced that the U.S. was donating $5 million to the United Nations Population Fund, which works in over 150 countries all over the globe.

“Deputy Secretary [Wendy] Sherman announced an inaugural U.S. contribution of $5 million to UNFPA Supplies, which will help ensure that modern contraceptives and lifesaving maternal health medicines reach women and adolescent girls who need access to family planning and safe delivery in countries affected by humanitarian emergencies,” the State Department announced on its website.

Writing on the Gateway Pundit, contributor Joe Hoft framed the action in starkly different terms.

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“The Biden/Obama Administration is all about death.  Last week it was reported that the Administration sent $5 million to the UN to support a program that pays for abortions worldwide,” he wrote. “More death from the Biden/Obama Administration.”

The Trump administration had stopped funding the group  in 2017 as part of its policy of not funding groups that supported abortion.

At the time the State Department said the fund “supports or participates in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization,” according to The New York Times.

The Center for Family and Human Rights noted that the fund supports abortion in several ways.

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“Among the maternal health commodities the fund distributes are a portable abortion device called the manual vacuum aspirator (MVA) kits and the abortion-inducing drugs misoprostol and mifepristone, both separately and in a combined pack,” wrote Rebecca Oas, the associate director of research at the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, on the center’s website.

The center noted that the Biden administration’s donation set a precedent.

“In the past, Republican administrations have withheld funding from UNFPA because of its promotion of abortion-related language in UN agreements and its historical links with the Chinese government’s draconian population control policies. Democratic administrations have restored funding to the agency,” Oas continued.

“However, no prior U.S. administration has funded UNFPA Supplies, whose leading contributors include the Gates Foundation and wealthy European countries.”

The center noted that by not directly funding abortions the Biden administration may have not violated a long-standing law, “but there is no doubt that it will in effect export abortion around the world.”

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