Watch: Biden Sings Happy Birthday to MLK III's Wife and Completely Forgets Her Name


In remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, President Joe Biden delivered remarks at the National Action Network’s annual MLK breakfast. The event was held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

It happened to be the birthday of Arndrea Waters King, the wife of Martin Luther King III, who was turning 30.

Biden told the group, “Look, my wife has a rule in our family. When it’s somebody’s birthday, you sing Happy Birthday. You ready?”

He began to sing and the crowd joined him. Things turned awkward when he realized he didn’t know the woman’s name. Rather than saying her name, he substituted what sounded like “Vavaw.”

When the song was over, Biden said, “It’s hell turning 30, but you got to put up with it.”

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The reaction on social media was as you might expect. One Twitter user noted that “it [his condition] just gets worse every day.”

Another pointed out the obvious.

Biden Gives Away the Truth About His Decision to Run for Re-Election

But that wasn’t Biden’s only embarrassing moment at the event.

He actually burped during his remarks. It wasn’t actually a loud belch, but it was a belch nonetheless.

Not to beat a dead horse, but virtually every time Biden appears in public, his mental decline is on display. Yet he still plans on running for re-election in 2024.

The discovery of classified documents inside the closet of an office Biden used after serving as vice president, the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, residence, and at a separate location inside the home might change his plans.

Should Biden be removed from office?

It feels like a watershed moment in his presidency. The wheel has turned, and for the first time ever, the folks he could typically count on for support have begun to acknowledge the seriousness of his predicament.

Democrats needed him to run in 2020. And then they needed him to bow out.

When will it dawn on him that his party doesn’t want him to run in 2024 and that his shield of protection may soon be gone?

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