Watch: Biden Delivers Incredibly Childish Answer When Asked How Long the War in Ukraine Could Last


One thing that we know at this point about President Joe Biden is that he sure does not like to accept blame for anything negative.

Inflation? It’s Putin’s fault. The collapse of Afghanistan? It’s Trump and the Afghans’ fault. High gas prices? That’s corporate greed. The economy? It’s the Republicans’ fault.

The man can come up with more excuses than a high school student trying to “explain” what happened to the homework that they promised they had ready to hand in on time.

And as Russia’s long, brutal and unprovoked war in Ukraine drags on, some are wondering if there will be an end to the violence anytime soon.

During a pre-taped interview with Yonit Levi, of Israel’s Channel 12 News, the issue of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine came up.

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Levi asked, “How long is this onslaught going to last?”

“As long as it takes — whatever time it takes. We cannot let [Russian President Vladimir Putin] prevail,” Biden responded.

Levi then suggested, “It could take months? It can take years?”

“It could,” Biden responded.

Do you think the war will take years?

Watch the video below:

And here’s where things got a little childish.

Levi asked, “You think the war could take years?”

“No, you said that,” Biden responded. However, he then added that it “could” go on for years.

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Given that White House officials have maintained that the war in Ukraine is one of the main drivers of inflation, it seems that Biden realized that suggesting it could take years means that inflation could stay elevated for years — which is not good messaging for Democrats heading into what is already looking like it will be a bloodbath for them in the midterm elections.

And in what appears to be an attempt to avoid headlines stating, “Biden Says War In Ukraine Could Go On For Years,” he played the “You said that, not me” card.

But if he really didn’t think that the war could drag on for years, he would not have said that it could.

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