Biden Praises Israel, UAE Peace Deal Which 'Builds on the Efforts of Multiple Administrations'


Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is voicing his support for the newly announced peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

“Today, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have taken a historic step to bridge the deep divides of the Middle East. The UAE’s offer to publicly recognize the State of Israel is a welcome, brave, and badly-needed act of statesmanship,” Biden said in a statement on Thursday.

He continued, “And it is a critical recognition that Israel is a vibrant, integral part of the Middle East that is here to stay. Israel can and will be a valued strategic and economic partner to all who welcome it.” 

“The coming together of Israel and Arab states builds on the efforts of multiple administrations to foster a broader Arab-Israeli opening, including the efforts of the Obama-Biden administration to build on the Arab Peace Initiative,” he added.

Read the statement below:

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Biden’s statement comes hours after President Donald Trump announced the peace deal between the two nations, which was brokered by the United States, as IJR reported

A joint statement from the leaders of the three nations read, “This historic diplomatic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle East region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential in the region.”

The peace deal also dictated that Israel would hold off on its plan to annex the West Bank, a provision which Biden said would help create “a more peaceful, stable Middle East.”

“By forestalling that possibility and replacing it with the hope of greater connection and integration in the region, the United Arab Emirates and Israel have pointed a path toward a more peaceful, stable Middle East.

Finally, Biden said, “A Biden-Harris Administration will seek to build on this progress, and will challenge all the nations of the region to keep pace.”

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