Biden Admin Launches Major Effort to Blame Border Crisis on Climate Change


In seeking a villain upon which to blame the flood of illegal immigrants who have stampeded across America’s southern border, the Biden administration has settled on climate change at the culprit.

On Thursday, the Biden administration released a bevy of reports blaming climate change for concerns about national security, foreign policy and mass migration.

One report hammers home the Biden administration’s mantra that climate change is the driving force in sending illegal immigrants from their homes.

“In Central America, particularly El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, climate change disproportionately affects populations in vulnerable situations and can contribute to the decision to migrate,” the report said.

By focusing on Central America as the source of illegal immigration, the administration’s focus runs counter to data from Customs and Border Protection, obtained by The Washington Post, that showed Mexican nationals made up the largest group of the 1.7 million illegal immigrants detained — with 608,000.

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The climate change reports were a lead-up to the United Nations climate summit in Scotland, on Nov. 1 and 2, according to Fox News.

The reports were commissioned by President Joe Biden as part of his administration’s effort to make responding to climate change the major effort of multiple agencies.

As part of the release of the report, officials — who by the rules of the game were not identified by name — briefed the media.

“The report identifies migration as an important form of adaptation to the effects of climate change, and, in some cases, an essential response to the climate threats to livelihood and well being,” an official who briefed Fox said. The official further said the Biden administration views migration as a “purely negative coping mechanism.”

Do you believe climate change causes illegal immigration?

The administration wants “to ensure that migration, for any reason, is done in a safe, orderly and human pathway,” an official said.

Furthermore, they want to develop humanitarian assistance programs to “help address the underlying causes of forced migration” and “displacement in the face of insecurity.”

Biden came into office calling for $4 billion in aid to go to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala on the grounds that past aid efforts, which were mired in corruption, were not enough.

The new reports and the administration’s fixation on climate change were treated with disdain by many.

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Officials said the reports are “the first time the U.S. government is officially recognizing and reporting on the linkage between climate change and migration,” Fox reported.

“It is critical to approach these efforts in a way that acknowledges that, in almost all cases, climate change is not the sole driver of migration,” the official said, according to Fox.

“The U.S. has a compelling national interest in strengthening global protections for individuals and groups displaced by the impacts of climate change.”

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