Biden Officially Clinches Electoral College Victory

President-elect Joe Biden has officially locked in the required number of electoral votes to win the White House after California’s electors put the former vice president over the 270-vote threshold needed to win the White House.

On Monday, electors in all 50 states formally cast votes for the Electoral College.

After California’s 55 electors voted for Biden and put him over the threshold to win cheers broke out in the state’s capital.

Watch the video below:

The presidential election took place almost six weeks ago, and news outlets began to project that Biden would win the presidency on November 7, as IJR reported

California officially certified its election results on December 4.

Despite having dozens of lawsuits contesting the election tossed out and states certifying their election results, President Donald Trump has refused to concede the election as he alleges there was widespread fraud that tilted the results in Biden’s favor. 

On January 6, 2021, Congress will formally count and certify the results of the election — putting an end to Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the election.

While lawmakers can raise concerns about the election results that day, and are expected to, experts say it is unlikely they will succeed in preventing the certification of the results.

Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. 


  1. Phyllis, their grift is NOT over. The royal campaign has raised over $200 million to be able to continue this ridiculous path “with no merit”, to allow them to continue lying to Cult-45 and their sucker and loser donors.

    We will have 4 more years of them whining about this election. Because that is what they do.

  2. NOW, for all the IJR posters that claimed the news media was deciding the election in their REPORTING of election results, HOW was the reporting incorrect? 306 electoral votes for Biden. 232 electoral votes for Trump.

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