Biden Posts Text Thanking Him for Student Debt Forgiveness, Gets Roasted When Readers Point Out the Obvious


President Joe Biden gave those who paid off student loans another reason to feel good about themselves.

Not only are they paying for widespread student loan forgiveness for others but at the same time, they’re helping someone buy a house.

Biden tweeted a message he supposedly received thanking him for student loan forgiveness that is allowing a couple to start saving for a new home.

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There was a critical response to Biden’s message.

“So working class Americans who never went to college are helping to pay for their home,” AEI Senior Fellow Marc Thiessen said.

After working a full-time job after high school and not “getting the luxury of going to school,” for a better career, Tim Malcom said, “I now get to work and pay to help people who CHOSE to go to school.”

And there were accusations Biden’s tweet was fake.

For instance, direct messages on Twitter can only be received from people Biden follows, and he only has a dozen. Washington Times columnist and SiriusXM personality Tim Young asked which of those 12 messaged Biden.

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Investigative reporter Matthew Foldi wrote, “Things are so bad for the White House’s student loan bailout that they’re photoshopping texts Biden is pretending to receive.”

Despite Biden’s unfair planned award of $10,000 in student loan forgiveness ($20,000 for those who received Pell grants), there were those critical of Biden’s tweet because he did not fulfill a campaign promise to cancel all student debt for those making up to $125,000.

HBCU stands for historically black colleges and universities; MSI equals minority-serving institutions.

The poor optics of what the Biden administration does continue (see the staging of his “gates of hell” speech last week), with his pandering toward those who borrowed money to attend college alienating those who did not have that advantage or who did the responsible thing and paid off their student loans.

Do you think the text is real?

It’s probably illegal and someone needs to file suit and stop it in the courts.

If not, here’s a solution. Forgive the student loans and pay for them by imposing a special tax on colleges and universities and on those of us who were tenured professors and administrators.

Also, tax the members of Congress and legislators who voted for the loans. Throw in the bank officials and textbook publishers, too.

In other words, if student loans are to be forgiven, those who benefited from or were responsible for making them should shoulder the burden.

Better we should pay than those on the sidelines.

Of course, I’m not worried about getting hit with a new tax. Because I know legislators won’t tax themselves or their banker friends.

And I know how most academics vote, so I can just hide in the Democratic bushes with the rest of them.

I know — that’s not fair.

Neither is Biden’s vote-buying scheme.

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