Biden Quietly Makes Mysterious Financial Move in Delaware Amid Hunter's Legal Troubles


President Joe Biden took out a still-unexplained and strangely timed $250,000 line of credit on his Delaware beach house as investigations into the shady business dealings of his son, Hunter, continue to ramp up, on top of continuing questions about his own looming classified document scandal.

Early last month, it was reported that Biden signed the papers on Dec. 5 for a home equity variable rate line of credit from M&T Bank against his $2.74 million Rehoboth, Delaware, beach house, Fox News reported.

In yet another example of a lack of transparency from this White House, despite public knowledge of the loan for nearly a month, Biden’s communications team has ignored all media questions about what the loan is supposed to pay for or why it was taken out by the president.

The White House did confirm the loan, but has refused to answer any follow-up questions.

Indeed, during a session aboard Air Force One last month, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was quizzed on the loan directly, but instead of answering, she pawned off the query to another branch of the White House.

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“Yeah, I saw reports on that,” Jean Pierre said, according to Fox News. “I would just refer you to the White House Counsel’s Office.”

However, to date, the White House Counsel’s Office has refused to answer any questions about the loan.

The Delaware beach house is the same property that Biden spent more than $500,000 in taxpayer funds building a wall around to protect him from outsiders.

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The barrier was started early in his presidency at exactly the same time he was still bragging about how he had canceled the construction of walls on our southern border that had been started by President Donald Trump.

The beach house is also one of the sites recently searched by the FBI after it was shockingly discovered that Biden illegally stored classified government documents in his Wilmington, Delaware, garage and at his former Washington office.

The document scandal came only a year after Biden was seen on TV blasting Donald Trump for having illegally stored documents at his Florida home, and five years after he told a reporter that he has no access to classified documents.

To date, the FBI has searched at least four locations looking for illegally held classified documents, including his two homes in Delaware, his offices in Washington D.C. and the repository of his papers at the University of Delaware. We still do not have a full accounting of all the classified documents found at these locations.

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“The discoveries forced Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint U.S. Attorney Robert Hur as special counsel in mid-January to investigate Biden’s handling of the classified documents,” Fox News noted.

The loan questions come even as serious questions concerning Hunter’s shady multimillion-dollar business deals continue to hang around the president’s neck and as the Republican-led House of Representatives begins ramping up investigations into his son’s finances and taxes.

Republicans have launched several investigations, many predicated on banks issuing “suspicious activity reports” connected with many of Hunter’s foreign business deals. These reports concern many of his deals in China, Ukraine and several other foreign countries.

Hunter is also being accused of breaking U.S. disclosure laws by never having registered as a representative of a foreign government and violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Many of his deals, especially in Russia, China and Ukraine, were with companies and organizations directly tied to those governments, but Hunter never registered as a foreign representative here in the U.S. as required by law.

Many of the investigations into Hunter’s likely illegal activities were spurred by the discovery of a laptop that Hunter neglectfully left unclaimed at a Delaware computer repair shop, upon which a hard drive full of incriminating documents, emails, photos and other evidence was discovered.

The laptop was initially deemed to be “Russian disinformation” by nearly the entirety of the left-wing media as well as crooked members of the federal government, but ultimately it was revealed that the laptop and its contents are 100 percent real and did belong to the president’s son.

With all these questions and investigations swirling around them, Joe and Hunter have earned another dubious honor. In the history of our federal government, they are the first father-and-son duo to be under federal investigations at the same time and for separate violations of federal laws.

This refusal to answer questions about the loan against his Delaware beach house is just one more example of the complete lack of transparency of the Biden regime, leading to suspicions that this has been one of the most corrupt presidencies in modern history.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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