Biden Suffers Close Call While Exiting Air Force One Despite Switching to the Short Stairs


It seems as if the biggest challenge to Joe Biden’s presidency has not come from the MAGA Republicans in Congress, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, or even from former President Donald Trump.

Instead, the biggest challenge he has faced as president has come from an ordinary everyday occurrence — dealing with stairs.

Ever since the president lost his balance and tripped on the stairs to Air Force One in 2021, Biden’s physical and mental fitness to hold the office of the presidency has been called into question.

Now, there is another moment to add to the stack of warning signs concerning Joe Biden’s health, and once again it comes from stairs.

On Tuesday, the president arrived in Michigan for a visit, but as he was exiting Air Force One, he nearly slipped and fell down the stairs, despite now using a shorter stair that folds into the plane.

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You may not have caught it immediately. After all, it is barely noticeable, and Biden did not actually fall.

But here is the same video from another angle, and if you look carefully around the 4-second mark, you can see Biden begin to slide before steadily catching himself.

Is Biden fit for office?

Now, this would not be a huge deal if it did not come literally hours after a report emerged that the Biden team’s number one concern right now was to keep the president from falling.

There is good reason for the Democrats and the Biden White House to be worried about that possibility. Given Biden’s age and physical condition, he is liable to fall at any time.

It is very typical for people in their 80s and 90s to take nasty falls, which can do lasting physical damage, hindering their ability to live independently and perform daily tasks.

We certainly do not want that to happen to the president of the United States, as it makes the nation look weak in the eyes of the world and casts the country into dangerous uncertainty.

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The concern is compounded by the fact that Biden recently took a nasty tumble at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in June.

Tuesday’s near miss on Air Force Once, combined with the troubling report about aides’ concern, plus the past instances of Biden tripping and falling, do not offer much in the way of confidence about the health of the president.

The American people have a right to know about the physical health of their leader.

We really need to start asking ourselves if Biden should really be running in 2024.

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