Biden White House Attempts to Scare House Republicans Away From Impeachment


The White House has fired a warning shot at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as he weighs launching an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

The California Republican has indicated that he might be inclined to bring the issue to a vote, but no move will be made until Congress gets back in session this fall.

With all the smoke and mirrors surrounding Biden and the mounting allegations that he and his family cashed in on his political power, an inquiry at a minimum is absolutely called for.

Still, White House spokesman Ian Sams said this week that Republicans are playing with fire in a statement that sounded like a veiled threat.

“This baseless impeachment exercise would be a disaster for congressional Republicans, and don’t take our word for it: just listen to the chorus of their fellow Republicans who admit there is no evidence for their false allegations and that pursuing such a partisan stunt will ‘backfire,’” Sams said, according to CBS News.

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The Hill also covered the issue and noted that the Republicans’ small majority in the House would create some obstacles to any impeachment effort.

It is true McCarthy would have very little wiggle room with only a 10-seat majority.

But the issue here is not whether the GOP could impeach Biden. The issue is that Democrats are behaving as if they didn’t shred historic precedent during the term of President Donald Trump.

Should House Republicans impeach Biden?

Trump was impeached two times and has been federally indicted twice more, including for the “crime” of challenging the results of an election.

In reality, Democrats took the gloves off and set the stage for Biden’s impeachment before he was ever inaugurated.

He earned an impeachment in his handling of the country’s southern border alone. He earned it again when he got 13 American service members killed in Afghanistan two years ago this week.

If it is indeed true that Biden was involved in corrupt business deals as vice president, then impeaching him and removing him from office should be an easy, bipartisan decision.

For Democrats to call any impeachment effort “baseless” is insulting.

And as for a Biden impeachment “backfiring,” there is very little political risk in putting the president’s actions under the microscope. Voters besieged by his policies are not likely to oppose an effort to hold him accountable.

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No matter what happens, Democrats crossed the Rubicon in early 2020 when Trump was subjected to his first partisan impeachment.

Meanwhile, Trump is awaiting two federal trials after being targeted by Biden’s Justice Department a year before the two men are likely to face off again in the 2024 presidential election.

The country is in uncharted territory as a weaponized system tries to lock up the president’s top rival for the remainder of his natural life.

So, no — a Biden impeachment would not be “baseless.” By his own party’s standard, Biden could be impeached every time he speaks and it would be justified.

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