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Biden's Approval Rating at All-Time Low, Officially Underwater: Poll

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President Joe Biden might believe that he is exceedingly popular, but his latest approval ratings should be a major warning sign to the White House.

The president’s approval has dropped to 46 percent with 52 percent disapproval, according to Wednesday’s daily tracking poll from Rasmussen Reports.

Forty-six percent is Biden’s lowest approval rating for his entire presidency so far. The rating usually hovers in the high 40s and low 50s.

Rasmussen’s daily poll uses telephone and online surveys of 1,500 likely voters (500 per night reported on a three-day rolling average basis) and has a maximum margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points with a 95 percent level of confidence.

Rasmussen noticed the dropping trend the day prior and alerted its readers about the shift.

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“Reader Alert: President Biden’s single overnight total job approval dropped sharply last night for the 2nd consecutive night in a row, returning his 3-day rolling average approval this morning to his previously recorded lowest level,” the right-leaning polling firm tweeted Tuesday morning.

These numbers came in right after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that it would be reversing some of its recommendations about mask-wearing for fully vaccinated individuals in high transmission areas.

Coronavirus remains at the forefront of the American psyche, especially with the emergence of the delta variant, and many Americans are dreading the possible return of mandates or stricter recommendations.

Along with their coronavirus concerns, many Americans blame rising inflation, the labor shortage and the border crisis on the president and his policies.

However, there are a few silver linings for Biden.

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The first is that it is relatively early in his presidency, and the midterm elections are not until November 2022, meaning there is time to get those approval numbers back up to protect himself and the Democrats.

Additionally, the Senate reportedly reached an agreement Wednesday on a Biden-backed infrastructure deal, which could have positive implications for him if he signs the bipartisan legislation.

Americans want to believe their country is going in the right direction, and Biden has given many of them cause for concern.

These low numbers for the president could be only temporary, but he might need to change course if he wants to avoid falling into a downward spiral.

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