Bill Maher Calls Out Double Standard: 'I Mean, if Don Jr. Had Done What Hunter Biden Had Done'


Bill Maher, host of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” is calling out what he sees as the apparent differences in editorial decisions among news outlets.

Speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday evening, Maher spoke on former President Donald Trump’s hold on the Republican Party and calling the former president for “everything wrong that you could stuff inside one man.”

Cuomo said Republicans believe political insiders and the media “made a lot of that stuff up” about Trump.

Maher went on to mention Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, who has opened up about his struggle with addiction and has made headlines about a laptop.

“Something like Hunter Biden, I mean, if Don, Jr. had done what Hunter Biden had done, it would be every night, all night on MSNBC,” Maher said.

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He added, “But the fact that it’s a Biden and Joe’s on the blue team– see that’s the problem with America, everything is so binary. Everything that the red team doesn’t like goes in the blue bin and vice-versa.”

Watch his comments below:

Maher then said, “So, you know, every democratic politician has to wear on his sleeve every silly, stupid woke thing that the fringe left does. And the red team has to wear kids in cages and, you know, lock her up and all that kind of stuff.”

During his interview with Cuomo, Maher also spoke about critical race theory and the Netflix controversy surrounding comedian Dave Chappelle.

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