Birx Urges Against ‘False Sense of Security’ That Coronavirus Outbreak Will Diminish This Summer

Dr. Deborah Birx is urging Americans not to rely on a “false sense of security” where the coronavirus outbreak is concerned.

On Tuesday, Birx appeared on German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum webcast where she spoke with the president of the organization about the coronavirus pandemic as Americans loosen social distancing practices.

During the discussion, Birx offered a reminder that cases will be unlikely to go down during the summer months.

“None of us can be lulled into this false sense of security that the cases may go down this summer,” Birx said.

According to Birx, local and state leaders are largely responsible for implementing safety measures, contact tracing, and surveillance in the event of a second wave of the coronavirus.

Noting no country’s population has reached a substantial level of immunity to the virus, Birx also noted the importance of Europe and other countries taking the same precautionary measures to prepare for a possible resurgence of the novel virus.

“Europe needs to be preparing exactly the same way,” Birx said. “No country, no matter what approach that they have taken, have resulted in enough immunity to protect their population if the virus comes back in the fall.”

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Birx went on to admit the pandemic has served as a “wake-up call” that signals vast improvements that need to be made. She admitted she was shocked to hear of some of the supply shortages the country faced.

“Our supply chains were not made for that kind of dramatic surge and they weren’t anywhere in the world,” Birx said. “The level of stress on the supply chain to the developed world was equal if not greater to the stress I have experienced in resource-limited settings. The things that we ran out of or came close to running out of — it was shocking to me.”

Birx statement follows a tense week in the United States. Protests against police brutality have erupted nationwide following the death of George Floyd. Demonstrators have flooded the streets of cities all across the country.

While many protesters have been seen wearing masks, social distancing appears to be nearly non-existent which raises concerns about potential spikes in coronavirus cases in several states.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there are more than 1.8 million cases of coronavirus in the United States and more than 107,000 deaths.


  1. Nobody believes this BS anymore. Stay scared in your home if you want, but you have no right to oppress the rest.

  2. As of 17:30 hrs EDT on 6/2/20 :
    108,010 Americans have been confirmed to have died from the Covid-19 virus
    Up 1,085 from 6/1/20
    The USA has over 20,000 more deaths than the next 4 leading nations combined
    1,872,265 Americans have been confirmed to have been infected by the virus.
    Up 19,462 from 6/2/20
    The USA has over 300,000 more confirmed infections than the next 4 leader countries combined.

    The common factor in the 3 leading nations, the USA, Brazil, and Russia, is a reality denying, completely self absorbed, psychopathic asshole heading their governments.

      1. Only a complete asshole thinks this funny.
        That’s you obsibobsi.

        1. You’re a big fan of “that” nasty word aren’t you? Limited vocabulary it seems and inability to express yourself otherwise

    1. Statistics! Who can argue with them.? Of course, no one would think of skewing them to fit their agenda. Don’t see a source for yours. Perhaps some die with it and not of it. Hospitals benefit from high statistics. And those benefits, of course, involve money.
      Perhaps these riots will produce more statistics. Because they don’t seem to care about your statistics.

  3. Tell that to the protesters, smashers, rioters and the looting

    1. Oh please, as if there wasn’t thousands protesting their right to eat at applebees the weekend before all this.

      We will see in a few weeks how this hits.

      1. And for the record, i really hope it blows over and life gets back to normal.

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  5. No matter how hard the not at all great pretender trumpuke and millions more assholes would like to pretend that the pandemic is over because they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over it, from 750-1,000 Americans are still dying and between 20-22,000 more get infected by the virus every day.

    The protests are going to make it much worse.

    1. Porta-john, Nobody believes this BS anymore. Stay scared in your home if you want, but you have no right to oppress the rest. Go flush yourself.

        1. Or is it you who is a nobody? You don’t welcome anyone’s right to disagree with you do you?

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