Bloomberg Spends Millions on Super Bowl Ad Aimed to Get ‘Under Trump’s Skin’

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be using the Super Bowl game being televised as a way to take a swing at President Donald Trump.

At the annual National Football League (NFL) game — a championship that draws tens of millions of viewers — on Feb. 2 viewers will see an advertisement by Bloomberg. The target of the advertisement: Trump.

“The biggest point is getting under Trump’s skin,” Bloomberg’s campaign spokesperson Michael Frazier said, as The New York Times reported. “We have the means to raise a national campaign, unlike any other candidate.”

It’s unclear what the exact price tag of Bloomberg’s advertisement will be. However, as The Times reports, it will “most likely cost at least $10 million and potentially one-up President Trump’s campaign.”

Joshua Roberts/File Photo/Reuters

Bloomberg has spent $170 million in advertisements since entering the 2020 presidential race. Additionally, he has spent a hefty sum on advertisements on Google searches.

After drawing a rebuke from his fellow 2020 Democratic rivals over his spending, Bloomberg has defended his spending, as he previously said, “I’m doing exactly the same thing they’re doing, except that I am using my own money.”

Though the number of viewers fell to its lowest in the past decade during last year’s Super Bowl, there were still roughly 98.2 million people watching the game — and if matched this year, it is still a large number of people that would be reached by Bloomberg’s advertisement. This continues his vow that he would spend $100 million on anti-Trump ads.


  1. Putting down the current President, rather than telling us what you will do while in office and how you will do it, will not get my vote. Negative campaigns do nothing for me. I’m an Independent.

  2. Bloomberg is trying to buy the election. He’s a piece of crap Socialist.

    1. Dominick is confused.

      If you want to call a billionaire Republican a socialist, go ahead, but that means that you are calling all Republicans socialists.

  3. Some might say Mikey is being premature by forewarning Trump. Others might say he’s getting free publicity by announcing this.

    *meh*. I don’t watch the Superbowl anyway. I refuse to watch overlarge, spoiled millionaires engage in “mock” combat unless there’s blood spilled. THAT would justify their salaries.

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