Boebert, Gaetz Criticized for Declining to Applaud During Zelenskyy's Speech to Congress


Two House Republicans are facing criticism for their reaction to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech before a joint session of Congress.

In his first trip outside Ukraine since the war started, Zelenskyy traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Joe Biden and address Congress.

During his remarks, the Ukrainian leader thanked the United States for its support.

However, he asked for even more support as he said, “We have artillery, yes. Thank you. We have it. Is it enough? Honestly, not really.”

Zelenskyy noted Ukraine “never asked the American soldiers to fight on our land instead of us.” He added, “I assure you that Ukrainian soldiers can perfectly operate American tanks and planes themselves.”

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He also told lawmakers, “Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”

While his speech was interrupted by applause, some Republican lawmakers were not too thrilled.

Videos showed Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) sitting while lawmakers around them stood and applauded.

Watch the videos below:

Do you think they should have attended?

A liberal account with the handle Meidas Touch wrote, “The embodiment of evil.”

Author Jeff Pearlman wrote, “A 0% chance she can locate Russia on a map.”

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Nina Jankowicz, who was tapped to lead the ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board, weighed in as she tweeted, “These classless individuals are a stain on the institution of Congress. Yesterday, Zelenskyy stood meters from Russian rocket fire, but today, Boebert and Gaetz couldn’t be bothered to stand up to applaud him.”

Julia Ioffe, a founding partner of Puck News, wrote, “Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz not standing or clapping for Zelensky. They know from courage better, apparently.”

Boebert later reacted to Zelenskyy’s speech in a video — though she did not address her decision not to stand.

While she acknowledged Ukrainians are suffering, the congresswoman vowed she would not support further aid until there is an audit of “where our money has already gone.”

“President Zelensky is working to protect his country’s border and his people — I get it. I really just wish our commander-in-chief would do the same right here at home,” she added.

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