Boehner Rebukes Trump in New Book: ‘Incited That Bloody Insurrection’

Former House Speaker John Boehner (R) is laying into former President Donald Trump.

In his new book, “On the House: A Washington Memoir,” Boehner slams Trump, saying the former president “incited that bloody insurrection for nothing more than selfish reasons, perpetuated by the bullsh*t he’d been shoveling since he lost a fair election the previous November,” according to The New York Times, which obtained an excerpt.

He was referring to Jan. 6 when protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol, as well as Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“He claimed voter fraud without any evidence, and repeated those claims, taking advantage of the trust placed in him by his supporters and ultimately betraying that trust,” he continues in his book.

Boehner — who left Congress in 2015 — denounced Trump’s “refusal to accept the result of the election,” which he says “not only cost Republicans the Senate but led to mob violence.” He adds, “It was painful to watch.”

He adds in another part:

“I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for what came after the election — Trump refusing to accept the results and stoking the flames of conspiracy that turned into violence in the seat of our democracy, the building over which I once presided.”

“Watching it was scary, and sad. It should have been a wake-up call for a return to Republican sanity,” the former House speaker writes, adding, “Whatever they end up doing, or not doing, none of it will compare to one of the lowest points of American democracy that we lived through in January 2021.”

Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller fired back at Boehner’s comments.

Miller called Boehner a “Swamp Creature” in a statement to the Times and accused the former House speaker of supporting “Communist China.”

Trump also said in a separate statement to the publication, “Was he drinking when he made this statement? Just another RINO who couldn’t do the job!” He was referring to Boehner’s love of red wine.


  1. No, he didn’t.
    But it’s for sure that the dem/leftist/socialist/borderline communist fanned the flames and encouraged by not disapproving the last year’s (and continuing) rioting, looting, burning and physically harming people.

  2. Why do has-beens think their opinion carries any weight? Same with the rich and famous. Left-news outlets have Hillary spouting, along with big-name Hollywoods, former public officials who were voted out, and other meaningless officials. Everybody has an opinion and there is nothing gives more credence to one person’s over another. and I REALLY COULD CARE LESS about any of their recommendations or positions on anything. The Russians certainly didn’t influence me and neither did Trump or Biden. What influenced me is what they STAND/STOOD for. I have my own opinion and can read, listen and think for myself. My opinions are based on a lifetime of education and experience and patriotism for our great country and I want to preserve it, not tear it apart with cancel culture,, woke ism. Liberalism, Socialism or any other ‘ism. That is why Trump got my vote. Biden and his cronies are bent and determined to destroy everything and they are on the path right now to do so. Does anyone miss Trump yet?

  3. Former House Speaker John “Cry Me a River” Boehner, always was the village idiot! Trying to slam President Trump in order to sell your book. We don’t care about whatever is in your book! You are still a pathetic loser. Please go away…

  4. So I guess that Biden and Obama were the cause of Portland, Seattle and the riots and looting in DC during Trump’s administration?
    If it truly was an insurrection, the tens of thousands would have destroyed the place. A few broken windows and doors. …from anti govt types and not Trump supporters were the cause.

    Odd that the tactics used were the very same as used and still used in Portland today.

  5. Just when you think you’ve seen the last of this pol, he thrusts himself back into the spotlight. Obviously, this time to stimulate interest in what must be a boring read. John! Like other pols you underestimate the intelligence of the American people. We actually saw, i.e. with our own eyes, Trump encouraging people to march peacefully and respectfully to the capitol steps. Ditto for the election which was a ridiculous sham. The democrats and swamp creatures like you didn’t even try to hide the wrong-doing that deprived our voices being heard through a legitimate vote and, consequently, deprived our country of having a president who loves this country and the Constitution and who worked hard to improve everyone’s lives. Please go away.

  6. HAHAHA…Boehner, Ryan, McUseless, Sasse, Murkowski, Collins, Barr, Cassady, Rubio, Romney, sometimes Graham, Kasich, the Bushes, Rove, etc., all cut from the same bolt of flawed/seconds fabric…RINO snobs, establishment elites, Deep State, Swamp Rats.

  7. Ah, yes, Bonehead! If his writing is as laughable as his quotes from it here he won’t get rich off of it. Read enough here to confirm his bitterness.

  8. Even when he was Speaker of the House, I didn’t like him. Now he’s a civilian and writing books? Why? Wouldn’t think anyone would enjoy reading them other than to laugh and sneer. Really? No one cares what you have to say when you were HS or now.

  9. He was Speaker when Obama was president – such a memorable swamp RINO. The people of Ohio are great but most of their Reps or Senators will leave a lot to be desired.

  10. What a disingenuous fool Boehner and the rest of these Trump bashers are! Trump didn’t INCITE anything. The Dems, stealing the election, are what incited PATRIOTS to attempt to demand honesty and expose the corruption THE DEMS COMMITTED!

  11. First of all it wasn’t an “insurrection” and the blood that got spilt was an overreaction by some dumb cop with a gun. If the Keystone Cops who were guiding Congress had been better organized, no one could have got through the door.
    Second, is this the same Boehner who was so totally useless as leader of the House? Who resurrected him and why?

  12. Who cares what this Rhino says or thinks? People like him is the reason the R’s have not been winner too often. I met him when he was in Chicago while Speaker. He changed over time. When he was first in Congress, he was good, but as is the case, DC changed him

  13. This dude is a pure scumbag, for one the rally was still going when the capital event happened, Trump was not due to speak at the capital only the rally, so anyone at that point who was at the capital was not a Trump fan. There is also a bunch of democrats who were caught inside, hmm whats that sound like? yeh a set up, scumbag democrats staged that whole thing

  14. isn’t this the same guy that crys like a teen age girl going thru her first period… who gives a rats azz what the pussy has to say….