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Border Patrol Chief Slams Twitter for Briefly Suspending Him After Tweet Celebrating Border Wall Construction

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner Mark Morgan’s Twitter account was briefly locked, and he blasted the social media company, including its CEO Jack Dorsey.

Morgan’s Twitter account was locked for “violating the Twitter Rules” on hate speech for more than 20 hours.

It was locked after he posted a tweet praising the CBP and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for “[continuing] to build new wall every day. Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country.”

“It’s a fact, walls work,” his tweet read.

On Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Friday, Morgan blasted Twitter, “I’ve actually tweeted out the very facts, that if they would’ve looked at their own Twitter ability and what they’ve allowed out, they would’ve seen that the facts are out there to back that up.”

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“Let’s be very clear about this, what they’re wanting to do and what they’ve tried to do is obvious,” he continued, claiming that the “narrative” he put out is not the “narrative” of Twitter’s agenda so they tried to “close” it down, as he put it.

He later added:

“What every American citizen…should be worried about right now is Jack (Dorsey). That man, he gets to decide. He’s the judge, jury, and executioner about what is appropriate to say or not under the founding principles of our Constitution that made this country what it is. That is un-American. He should not have that ability and we should all be united to make sure that this ends.”

A Twitter spokesperson said that “the decision was reversed following an appeal by the account owner and further evaluation from our team.” However, Morgan said on “America’s Newsroom” that the claim by Twitter is “BS,” adding that the appeal was denied but after it went viral then the decision was changed.

See Morgan’s comments below:

Morgan also defended his tweet at a press conference on Thursday — which marked the 400th mile of completed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“My tweet intended to educate the American people that borders matter, and the great things done by the men and women of CBP and DHS as a whole. My tweet was intended to emphasize that border security is national security,” Morgan said.

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Morgan is now back on Twitter.

He wrote in a tweet Friday morning, “The border wall system is Exhibit A in showing that the Trump Administration is serious about border security. This wall saves American lives. Every single bit of concrete and steel that goes into the ground stops dangerous people and deadly drugs from coming into this country.”

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