California to Release Rules for Reopening Schools on Friday as Coronavirus Cases Mount

California Governor Gavin Newsom will release new guidelines for opening schools as coronavirus cases continue to mount in the most populous U.S. state, his office said Thursday.

The guidelines, to be released on Friday, come amid an intense debate across the United States about whether it would be safe to send children and teachers back into the classroom amid an ongoing pandemic.

The discussion has taken on a political tinge, as Republican President Donald Trump urges a return to regular school schedules, while many Democrats urge a more cautious approach, such as a continuation of virtual lessons.

In California, numerous school districts, including Los Angeles Unified, the state’s largest, have already said they would begin the school year with remote learning.

Several school districts in more conservative agricultural areas, however, plan to offer in-person learning for students.

Newsom has not yet indicated what the new guidelines will comprise, or whether he plans to order all schools districts to begin the fall term with distance learning.

However, California’s powerful teachers unions strongly oppose in-person instruction without safety measures that could be difficult and expensive to implement. School administrators in Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento moved to cancel in-person instruction days after the unions expressed their concerns.

Among the possible actions are a statewide ban on reopening or county-by-county rules based on the number of coronavirus cases. A statewide rule could upend the plans of some more rural and conservative counties to hold classes as usual when school starts next month.

The state could also impose such restrictions as requiring face masks and protective gear for teachers and students, banning sports and requiring a so-called hybrid model under which students attend smaller, in-person classes for half the day or part of the week, followed by remote or online work done at home.

In-person safety measures as well as remote learning will require additional funding from the state and federal government, most experts say.

(Reporting by Sharon Bernstein; Editing by Bernadette Baum)


  1. JEANNE-MARIE: “ What happened during the swine flu or H1N1 ”

    Great question!!! The Obama administration simply quit counting (from “The Blaze”, or if you prefer, links to the CBS article from 2009 is referenced.)

    “However, back in 2009 during the swine flu pandemic, the Obama administration instructed states to shut down testing for H1N1 and stop counting cases of the deadly respiratory disease.

    In October 2009, CBS News released the findings from a three-month-long investigation into how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were reporting H1N1 cases during the swine flu pandemic.

    “In late July, the CDC abruptly advised states to stop testing for H1N1 flu, and stopped counting individual cases,” CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson wrote. “The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there’s an epidemic?”“

    Yup. We’d be in GREAT hands with Biden as Prez. Please note that Obama kept this quiet for three months before even acknowledging H1N1.

  2. Blandly, I had to LOL!! Newsom reminds me of Christian Bale’s portrayal of “An American Psycho”. The resemblance is undeniable!

    You are so ON this one!!

  3. “ In California, numerous school districts, including Los Angeles Unified, the state’s largest, have already said they would begin the school year with remote learning.”

    Here’s an idea: With all the demands the LA teachers unions are putting on in order to go back to work…don’t. Home school or internet school the kids (not any different than what THEY are proposing).

    Teachers, you just stay home, mmkay?* Parents will find alternatives. And as you teachers enjoy your looong vacation, don’t plan on getting paid. The parents will get their taxes back. Donations to the NEA die off, and it’s all good.

    * South Park reference.

  4. What happened during the swine flu or H1N1 where Kids were more at risk/vulnerable than this current virus? Nothing.

  5. The images captured of newsome always look like a slick, psychopathic reprobate. I don’t care how much I disagree with him, his look alone would generate my distaste

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