Cameras Catch Biden Beelining Toward Young Girl for Creepy Moment Before Speech


Creepy Uncle Joe is back at it again.

In another bad-viral moment featuring a young child, President Joe Biden dragged a girl on stage during an event in Philadelphia on Friday.

During a speech that was mostly notable for Biden’s inability to correctly pronounce the word “recalibration” and his failure to mention the supposed Chinese spy balloon currently over U.S. airspace, Biden also had “creepy Joe” trending again, thanks to his weird behavior with the child.

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“I want you to know, baby, you did so much for so many kids,” Biden said after getting the young girl on stage.

“You’re changing the lives of thousands and thousands of millions of kids in America. So we owe you a big round of applause. And I love your earrings.”

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with how Joe Biden rolls — both before his presidency and during it — here’s a short summation of his most infamous forays into creepiness:

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During the 2020 campaign, you may recall, Biden’s inability to respect personal space and boundaries — particularly with women — became one of the earliest issues that threatened to derail his campaign.

In 2019, a former Nevada Democratic state politician, Lucy Flores, accused Biden of an untoward invasion of her personal space during a 2014 rally.

After that accusation, videos of Biden’s behavior with women and children again made the rounds on social media. Biden issued a kinda sorta not-really apology in which he said that he understood that “social norms are changing” and he had to change along with them:

Not that he needed to, mind you; liberals found all kinds of reasons to discount Flores’ allegations, like actress and #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano explaining that Biden came from a “super-affectionate” family.

However, while the left might be willing to cover for him, the rest of Twitter was duly creeped out by the video:

So, even though he’s aware that those darn “social mores are changing,” he continues to be “super-affectionate” in fun ways that don’t help his cause whatsoever. Wonderful.

Cheer up, though, Democrats. Maybe he can somehow spin it to his advantage. After all, George W. Bush had “No Child Left Behind.” I smell a 2024 campaign slogan out of that one. “Biden: No Child Left Alone.”

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