Cameras Catch Trump's Generous Act at East Palestine McDonald's - 'We'll Take Care of Everything'


Former President Donald Trump brought hope and much-needed supplies to East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday as he promised the embattled community its needs would be forgotten no more.

“We have told you loud and clear: You are not forgotten,” Trump said during his visit, according to NBC. “We stand with you, we pray for you, and we will stay with you and your fight to help [receive] the accountability that you deserve.”

The community has been reeling in the aftermath of a Feb. 3 train derailment and subsequent fire that left a toxic cloud over the town. Although residents were told it was safe to return, many have complained of headaches and rashes.

The incident has been a flashpoint for critics of the Biden administration, who have said the town should have received a better and faster response from federal agencies.

During his visit, Trump — whose penchant for McDonald’s food is well known — went to the local McDonald’s before he left in a gesture of support for first responders.

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“What’s your specialty today? … So I know this menu better than you do, OK? I probably know it better than anybody in here,” Trump said as he reached the counter of a McDonald’s restaurant, according to a video clip posted to Twitter.

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“We’re gonna take care of the fire department. We’re gonna take care of the police department,” Trump said.

“We’ll take care of everything,” he said, adding that everyone with him at the McDonald’s would also get a free meal.

“We brought the federal government with us because when they heard I was coming, they all came. They weren’t going to come. They were going to leave you abandoned, and now they’re not,” Trump said.

Trump was referring to the fact that initially, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had said there was nothing it could do for the town but changed that ruling after Trump announced last week he was visiting East Palestine.

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“They were intending to do absolutely nothing for you,” Trump later said during a speech at the firehouse, according to NBC.

“What this community needs now are not excuses and all of the other things you’ve been hearing, but answers and results,” Trump said Wednesday. “And that’s what I think you’re going to see.”

During his visit to McDonald’s, Trump was asked about President Joe Biden heading to Europe instead of visiting East Palestine.

“Well, I think he should have come here. I think he should have been here,” Trump said.

Trump assured residents “it will be safe soon” with FEMA’s arrival.

Trump, who is running for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, also passed out his signature “Make America Great Again” hats to bystanders.

Joy Mascher, owner of Flowers Straight from the Heart, said Trump’s visit was a morale booster for a neglected community.

“I mean, at least he’s bringing attention. I haven’t heard anything from Biden,” she said, according to NBC.

“I don’t think enough has been addressed by the railroad, by the state or the federal government,” she said.

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