Tucker Carlson Grossly Insists Pro-Israel Commentators Have a 'Disproportionate' Response to Oct. 7


Tucker Carlson thinks pro-Israel commentators are too emotional about Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre in Israel.

During an episode of his X show, Carlson said, “I’m an American. I was horrified by what happened on Oct. 7. It’s pretty strange, I don’t really understand how it happened. But innocents died and that’s awful and I hated watching. And I feel so sorry for the Israelis who were killed.”

That’s fine, nothing there is offensive. It’s perfectly normal to share questions about how the attack happened and intelligence officials missed it. But then he took a disgraceful turn as he attacked pro-Israel commentators for their response to the atrocities that took place.

“There’s an emotional response that is disproportionate, I think, on the part of some commentators. I mean, our country’s being invaded right now by millions of young men whose identities we don’t know, who probably don’t even like America, and they’re now living here,” he continued. “Over 100,000 Americans die every year of fentanyl… those are real tragedies.”

Carlson added, “I’ve never seen anything like the emotion from any commentator around those tragedies as I’m watching about a foreign tragedy, and I think that’s odd.”

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Watch the video below:

As he spoke, his guest, Candace Owens, solemnly nodded along as though he were making some great point.

It is important to point out Carlson had Owens on his show to vent her frustration at The Daily Wire’s co-founder Ben Shapiro who — in perhaps not the most professional moment of his life — criticized her deeply ignorant and ridiculous comments about Israel.

Owens expressed her frustration that Shapiro voiced his criticism and did not speak to her personally. And he probably could have handled the situation better. But it was not clear he knew he was being recorded when he criticized her.

And she has said some really dumb things to attack Israel in recent weeks, like falsely claiming Muslims can only live in the Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem. She passive-aggressively also tweeted out Bible verses after the video was released.

But back to Carlson’s ridiculous comment. These kinds of commentators like to put on this populist face and act like a champion of Americans. They use the southern border as a response to anything they do not like. Disturbing comments from Trump? Border. Republicans in Congress acting like fools? What about the border? A sovereign country being invaded by Russia? We have our own border problems.

None of this is meant at all to dismiss the failure of the Biden administration to secure the border. But it simply is not the most important issue facing the country or the world.

And what is a disproportionate response to terrorists slaughtering over 1,400 people and taking over 200 hostages because of who they are? How do you overreact when see you mobs of people in cities all around the world calling for the end of the only Jewish state in existence?

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You don’t see mobs of people crossing the border saying America shouldn’t exist, using force to wipe it off the map and eliminate the American identity, or chanting genocidal slogans against Nebraskans.

The border and the flow of drugs into the country need to be addressed. But there is a stark difference between the deep, personal hatred that would like to see Jews wiped off the face of the planet and pumping drugs across the border that can and will kill people because it keeps the cash flowing.

One is the result of a genocidal ideology and the other is the result of greed and callousness about life. Neither is defensible or less evil, but it is natural to have a more visceral reaction to the former, and there is no equivalency between the two.

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