Tucker Carlson Shares What Will 'Obviously' Happen to Trump After Mar-a-Lago Raid


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson believes that one way or another, former President Donald Trump will be indicted on some charge.

During a segment of his show on Monday night, Carlson listed several Republicans who he believes will say there is “nothing to see here” when “the Biden Justice Department or some other state law agency under their influence finally does what you know they’re going to do, which is indict Donald Trump.”

“Obviously, they’re going to do that,” he added. “Who knows how, maybe they’ll produce surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago, apparently they’ve already subpoenaed that.”

Watch the video below:

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His comments come a week after the unprecedented raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, where federal agents reportedly recovered several sets of classified documents.

It is now over a week later, and we still do not know the full scale or scope of the investigation or what exactly precipitated the raid.

Nor should we really expect to know right now.

Of course, the government’s explanation of its actions — especially law enforcement operations that target politicians and former presidents — should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism. But that does not mean that the FBI or law enforcement are obligated to publicly state exactly whom, what, and why they are investigating. That’s not how investigations are run, and there are reasons for that.

Do you think Trump will be indicted?

It’s true that the FBI does not have a spotless history, and so it’s not out of the realm of imagination to think that the raid and investigation of Trump could potentially be politically motivated.

But in the absence of information, assuming that it is politically motivated and that the Justice Department is simply bent on prosecuting Trump to kill his political future is unwise and dangerous.

Perhaps this raid was solely about the mishandling of classified documents, and perhaps these documents did not contain nuclear secrets. The FBI’s actions could be seen as a heavy-handed response and should raise questions about the raid if that is the case.

And conservatives would certainly have more evidence to claim that there is a double standard since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton avoided charges over her handling of “defense information.”

But at this point, there is just too much we do not know about the investigation to declare that it is politically motivated or that agents of the state under President Joe Biden’s “influence” are targeting Trump.

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And just because the 45th president has thus far avoided charges despite the investigations he is facing — or the Russia probe — that does not inherently mean that he is innocent of a crime.

But if it does turn out that this raid was just about documents that did not pose a national security risk to the country that the Trump people would have returned — and one would like to think that the FBI would not take such an explosive action in that circumstance — there should be some serious repercussions.

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