JFK’s Daughter Endorses Joe Biden: ‘This Election is About Winning’

Caroline Kennedy, the only daughter of former president John F. Kennedy, endorsed Joe Biden for the presidency in an editorial in the Boston Globe on Tuesday.

Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and she served as his administration’s ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017. In the editorial, she highlighted the importance of the 2020 election, writing, “President Trump has done immense damage to our institutions, exploited our differences, and shredded our credibility around the world … it’s not just policy proposals that are on the ballot. Our fundamental values are at stake as never before in my lifetime.”

Kennedy added that during her time as the ambassador to Japan, she saw that Biden “radiated American optimism and generosity of spirit. He made clear that America would always stand by our allies, and that we were committed to keeping the region peaceful and prosperous. He delivered tough messages as well, but he did it in private, with skill and respect.”

She also drew attention to Biden’s pitch that he’s able to attract voters from all branches of the party. She wrote, “This election is about winning. We need a nominee who can compete in every state, who can bring wandering Democrats and independents back to the fold, and even attract some Republicans. Biden at the top of the ticket is our best bet to win the White House, keep the gains we made in the House, and put the Senate in play.”

Kennedy’s endorsement came with a number of others for Biden, including the California secretary of state and the former governor of South Carolina, which is one of the four early states in the presidential primary.

Biden is still leading in the polls but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has been surging over the past few weeks with a pitch that he is able to beat President Donald Trump in November.


  1. Two quick questions:
    1. Caroline Kennedy got her ambassadorship mostly throught nepotism and name branding.
    2. What EXACTLY qualifies her to make an endorsement which means a damn thing?

    Personal achievement NOT related to her family name? She’s got NOTHING. Exactly like cokehead/sex-toy addict Hunter Biden, homely Chauncey/Chelsea/Chancey Clinton, or the Obozo kids.

    Dynastic ambitions and nepotism apparently mean A LOT in the Dim party. I’m wondering when no-achievements like Chelsea Clinton or (in the future) the Obozo daughters run for office.

  2. …and the Kennedy family is still a consideration because? Biden is still fighting for meaningless endorsements that are 40 years out of date. Like his mediocre political career, which he was NEVER good at.

    For an aging and declinng Dim electorate “Camelot” under JFK is still a false delusion;. The Kennedy delusion was 50 years ago (1960s). What does that say about Biden except that he’s trapped in a myth from a half-century ago like the current Kennedy wannabes? Holding Obozo’s coat as the “most harmless” is hardly a qualifier for president.*

    The Dimocrats are now channeling Marx, the demented extreme-minorities, and the SJWs. JFK would lose election as a moderate. No sh*t, but he’d be a Republican based on ideology.

    *I’m hoping TDS Phil will weigh in on EXACTLY WHY a useless and unaccomplished career politician like Joe is qualified for the executive office. Taking liberites with women and children is NOT a qualifier..

  3. “Sorry, General. I don’t see Caroline Kennedy ever endorsing your guy. Sen Warren is her Senator if she is using her MA home as her main residence. So at least be grateful she picked Biden over Warren.” Phyllis

    I think you missed the point.

    She made this announcement AFTER yesterday’s caucus, AFTER at least partial results indicates that her announced pick stumbled – badly.

    Does she think that HER endorsement is going to actually revive Joke Biden’s campaign the way AOC supported Bernie Sanders’? I don’t think so…

    Caroline’s main residence is New York City, although she has at least one other residence in Massachusetts.

    After what I have seen, this cycle, Warren isn’t presidential material. Sorry.

  4. You might want to rethink that, Caroline. You seem a little confused.

    1. Sorry, General. I don’t see Caroline Kennedy ever endorsing your guy. Sen Warren is her Senator if she is using her MA home as her main residence. So at least be grateful she picked Biden over Warren.

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