CBS Reporter Asks Biden About Schools and COVID-19 — President-Elect Pushes Back

President-elect Joe Biden was not having it when a CBS News reporter shouted out a question at him.

At a meeting with vice president-elect Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Friday, CBS News correspondent Bo Erickson pressed Biden about teacher unions and schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Erickson asked Biden, “Mr. Biden, the COVID task force said it’s safe for students to be in class. Are you going to be encouraging unions to cooperate more to bring kids back to classrooms, sir?”

“Let’s go, guys,” a Biden staffer is heard telling the reporters as Erickson continued to ask his question.

Biden, however, pushed back, “Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?” The president-elect is then heard laughing.

Watch the video below:

CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid responded to the video, tweeting, “President-Elect Biden asks a good question – why is [Bo Erickson] the only one in the Biden pool tossing questions? Schools, vaccines, stimulus – so many important [questions] for both [Pelosi and Biden].”

Some schools have started to shut down their in-person classes again, including in New York City where the city’s schools have “about a 0.17% positivity rate” and the city is at 3%, as CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta pointed out during a recent interview with White House task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx.

While the city’s schools shut down in-person classes, restaurants and bars in the city still remain open as of now with reduced capacity — though the mayor has said it is “just a matter of time” before indoor dining and gyms close as well.

Additionally, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said that while there needs to be sensitivity to the teachers and families, officials need to “keep the schools open if you possibly can.”

There has been an average of 168,695 new cases reported each day over the past week in the U.S., according to The New York Times. This is a 67% increase compared to the two weeks prior. The U.S. has reported more than 12 million cases and over 254,000 deaths due to the virus.


  1. Ray happy to hear you consider Biden as President considering you want to see him impeached.
    Not happy that you’re and idiot but you can’t help that one

  2. Oh right cherl and are you trying to say that trump doesn’t run from hard questions?! Are you saying he can handle the job?
    Thanks a numb scull statement

  3. Confusion/JayJay – I will give you two credit where it is due, you can read. The problem is that you can’t understand. In your twisted ways of interpreting facts you impart your prejudice and bias into your understanding. Please re-read the following:

    “minorities have proportionately higher infectious and death rates of COVID than others. So are you saying minorities are proportionately Trumpsters?” ray

    That is absurd. Minorities are at higher risk because they are closer to and part of the frontlines, which is right where people like you want them. Plain and simple.

    If you re-read this and attempt some understanding, you will see that I make no inference to the cause of COVID incidence amongst minorities. I simply stated the fact.
    It was the highly insulting racist JayJay that made a causal reference.

  4. Penelope I feel you but I’m under the impression that leadership and nationwide cohesive protective measures can be federally implemented. Am I correct on that?
    And I get that tons of Americans just want to do what THEY want to do like “don’t mess with my rights” but to say that mother nature’s natural selection somehow transfers over to that theory which in your words “Only the strongest survive and that includes those who are smart enough not to cut their own nose off to spite their face” (referring to not wearing a mask) is really way unfair; so many innocent people who practice protective measures have been affected and have died from this. First responders like healthcare workers police firefighters teachers emt workers etc as well as home bound people who actually wear their masks when people enter their home and seniors in nursing facilities didn’t cut off their nose to spite their face.
    No way girlfriend, like I said I feel what you’re saying and agree to so much of it but chill a minute before you clump all covid 19 infections to stupidity.
    Just saying
    But actually mean it
    With all due respect

  5. Feeble attempt on the part of CBS ‘News’ to appear as if they were asking tough questions. They’ll revert back to kissing between the back pockets in no time!

  6. Sharal: why are you wasting your time making the pointless argument that Joke Biden is not the president-elect when ANYONE with a brain KNOWS that, at this point, is only a convenient title given to him until it becomes official? Why would you constantly do this?

    Do you really think that wishful thinking will change the final result? Really?

    You are so confusing, Sharal.

  7. And that is what you get when you vote for Biden. Deflection by his staffers who want to grab him from the hard questions. He gets angry because he has no answer. Evidently neither does Harris.
    And IJR is STILL calling his president elect. That won’t happen to anyone until the Electorate meets December 14. Thanks liberals. You could get Biden the inept and unAmerican squad.

  8. “minorities have proportionately higher infectious and death rates of COVID than others. So are you saying minorities are proportionately Trumpsters?” ray

    That is absurd. Minorities are at higher risk because they are closer to and part of the frontlines, which is right where people like you want them. Plain and simple.

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  10. Biden is obviously rude and disconnected. He should be impeached. He colluded with the dead, undocumented and Russians during the election. Not to mention the Ukraine’s, prostitutes for his son and other top of the heap people.

    JayJay – Blaming Trumpsters is your style, but consider this; minorities have proportionately higher infectious and death rates of COVID than others. So are you saying minorities are proportionately Trumpsters?

    Phyllis – Fauci, a COVID expert, said it it time to go back to school. So did a myriad of other expert scientists. So is it time? Let’s ask Bidet Biden, the fanny washer.

  11. You ALL are barking up the wrong tree (southern phrase…look it up). POTUS, whether it be Trump now or Biden in a few months, does NOT have the power to force states and their constituents to implement restrictions and follow guidelines set forth by their administration….and THAT is the problem with Americans. The average American has an IQ smaller than my bra size. They can’t be told anything…. “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!”….even if it means jeopardizing their lives and the lives of their loved ones. This past year has shown that. Countless public gatherings have been PROVEN to have caused massive outbreaks yet people continue to do just that. Anyone care to bet me how many Americans will gather together in a few days for huge Thanksgiving dinners? It will be in the millions…..and it will be followed by an EXPLOSION of new cases…..just as it was after Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day…………Americans have taken their “rights” to a whole new level of stupid, and they are paying for it. Trump didn’t do this to you. YOU DID! It’s known as Natural Selection. Mother Nature always wins in the end. Only the strongest survive and that includes those who are smart enough not to cut their own nose off to spite their face.

  12. Joe can’t possibily say anything to anger the teachers unions. Anything that helps kids progress in school must be provided by the unions, but the unions don’t care about helping kids. They only want to scam money from teachers to give to Dem pols.

  13. Snowjob…you have the nerve to supoort personal responsibility when trumpturds like you refuse to protect those at risk of dying because you don’t want the government telling to wear a mask?? You are sadly a pathetic person. Your comments shows you are seriously ignorant about covid facts. I’m betting a mask would improve your looks…I’m over 50 so I take your selfishness personally. You won’t get it until someone you loves dies!!

  14. Ah Larry- don’t be questioning those who don’t want to provide answers.
    Perhaps the G should be pushing personal responsibility- it that goes against everything the left is for.
    Let’s just tell people that if you are between 15-50 the death rate is .001 (the truth won’t be published by the left) so go out and live your life as normal. But remind them that you shouldn’t be kissing your 92 year old grandma with COPD on the lips.

    As we have known from the beginning (before Covid) that masks don’t make a difference. The CDC hasn’t said so and every study has agreed.
    But the left is a “shut up and do as you are told” Party. If you are worried about fascists you should do a little studying and see why NY gov., Ca gov., Mi gov and several mayors are actually behaving in a fascist fashion.

    Biden appears very presidential- ignore and say you will look into it.

  15. Bo Erikson is an excellent journalist, but he missed Biden’s previous statements that he would follow the advice of public health experts. Going forward, it is not to continue the Trump plan of reacting to his “gut.” President-elect Biden does not have a dead uncle that was a physicist channeling COVID advice from the hereafter.

    I live in PA where the school board members are elected by the voters in the school district. The school boards make the decisions on the opening, closing or hybrid learning in consultation with the parents and teacher union.

  16. An argument CAN be made that having kids in school CAN help to control the random contacts that the children would have if they were uncontrolled at home.

    However, without adequate testing and tracing, ANY large gathering adds considerable risk. New testing kits should allow much quicker results helping to find more infected people sooner.

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