Cease-Fire Protesters Shut Down Bay Bridge in San Francisco During Biden's Visit


Advocates for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas War shut down the Bay Bridge in San Francisco in an attempt to send a message to President Joe Biden during his visit to the city.

On Thursday, Ariel Koren, one of the protesters involved, posted on X, formerly Twitter, “The Bay Bridge is SHUT DOWN Biden will not get away with genocide, Biden will not get away with staying in San Francisco without EVERYONE knowing he is supporting the slaughter in Gaza.”

“No more genocide, ceasefire NOW,” she added.

The video showed demonstrators on the bridge holding large signs that read, “Stop the Genocide” and “No US Military Aid to Israel.”

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Meanwhile, protesters could be heard chanting, “Cease-fire now.”

The demonstration comes as Israel is carrying out operations in the Gaza Strip targeting Hamas following its Oct. 7 massacre. Israeli officials said last week the death toll is “around 1,200” but noted it is “not a final number. It is an updated estimate,” and pointed out it could change.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials estimate around 240 people are still being held hostage in Gaza.

Biden is in San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, he shot down calls for a cease-fire as he noted Hamas has said “publicly that they plan on attacking Israel again like they did before.”

“The idea that they’re going to just stop and not do anything is not realistic,” he added.

Biden also defended Israel’s operations in Gaza as he noted a shift in military tactics.

“This is a different thing. They’re going through these tunnels, they’re going into the hospital. They’re also bringing in incubators or bringing in other means to help people in the hospital, and they’ve given, I’m told, the doctors and nurses and personnel the opportunity to get out of harm’s way. So this is a different story than I believe it was occurring before, the indiscriminate bombing,” he said.

He added, “The IDF… acknowledge they have an obligation to use as much caution as they can in going after their targets. It’s not like they’re rushing to the hospital knocking on doors, you know, pulling people aside and shooting people indiscriminately.”

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