Rep. Liz Cheney: Trump ‘Does Not Have a Role as a Leader of Our Party Going Forward’

As members of the Republican Party battle over whether or not they should continue to embrace former President Donald Trump, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is making her views clear.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Cheney was asked by host Chris Wallace if the party is “the party of Donald Trump.”

“Chris, we’re the party of Abraham Lincoln. We’re the party of Ronald Reagan. We have to really take a hard look at who we are and what we stand for, what we believe in,” Cheney said.

She continued, “I think when you take a look at both [Trump’s] actions leading up to Jan. 6. The fact that he was impeached in a bipartisan fashion. The fact that he lost the presidency. The fact that we lost the Senate. We have to be in a position where we can say, ‘We stand for principles, we stand for ideals.”

“Somebody who has provoked an attack on the United States Capitol to prevent the counting of the electoral votes — which resulted in five people dying. Who refused to stand up immediately when he was asked and stop the violence. That is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward.”

Watch the video below:

Cheney went on to argue that Republicans need to convince Americans that their party is “the party of responsibility” and “the party of truth.”

“We should not be embracing the former president,” she added.

Cheney’s comments come fresh off of her victory fending off a push by some of Trump’s ardent supporters in the House to strip her of her No. 3 leadership position.

The Wyoming Congresswoman was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump last month, provoking a whirlwind of fury from members of her party.

However, the effort to punish Cheney for her vote failed in a 145-61 vote against the move.


  1. Liz Cheney does not have a role in the Republican party although the Democrats would probably love to have her – swamp material

    1. You really are deluded, Bernadette. There is not one Democrat that I respect that wants Liz in politics, let alone as “swamp material”. What is wrong with you?

  2. So, 145 Republicans that have stayed true to the core values of the Party (though I’m sure there’s a few MAGAtt’s in Moderate clothing), and 61 that need to be placed on “Administrative Leave” immediately. Those 61 cannot sit Committees or vote on anything, they cannot make private appearances or give speeches to anyone but the Special Investigator and, if found guilty, be removed from Office immediately without benefit of their LIFETIME salaries and Healthcare. Then they will proceed to the next round folks, prosecution for the roles they played in Trump’s Treasonous Domestic Terror attack, 5 deaths, multiple death threats, and the ongoing unrest in our Capitol. Fun!

    1. Amazing isn’t it. The Dems can blather, accuse, call names, scurry around with enemies. Hardly any repercussions. Why is that?

      1. Oh I think the trumpublican party wins the gold medal for enabling, deflection and projection. It has no party platform.

  3. “Confused” again, doesn’t sound like Conservative! Moscow?, Stupid Theories?, Cults?, then DJT is the platform, but Lincoln and Cheney are the Party! And when Liz quotes Reagan, that’s Bad? Sounds like someone “Slathering” paint, like Picasso !
    And Please show me where information on Lincoln owning Slaves can be found. If so, why was he assassinated ? And which Statue was built by Blacks, where?

      1. LOL this is too easy. genitally confused attempts to take me to task but not himself.
        Now I’ll wait another year before acknowledging him/her.

        General Confusion
        February 7, 2021
        And typical for Sharal, she again adds nothing of value or consequence to a conversation.

        Way to go, Sharal.

  4. The current party is being ripped apart in 3 different directions. There are the traditional party types, such as Moscow Mitch, Liz Cheney, and the never-Trumpers, that believe in phony libertarian conservative economic, such as dangerous deregulation, next to no government or even Reagan’s stupid trickle down theories that never worked, and some irrational conservative social policies. Then there are Cult-45 and the conspiracy theorists who are trying to make Marjorie Greene their mascot. And lastly, there are those, such as Ted Cruz, who are trying to self-servingly bridge the huge gulf between the two groups.

    It may take a couple of election cycles to figure out who gains/loses or retains power within the party and the electorate.

    1. The Dems hated her old man now, all of a sudden, she’s a hero to the left. Hate to tell Liz but the Republicans of Wyoming are thru with her…she’ll pull a Rommey and move to another state. The old Republican party, who kissed the Dems backsides every chance they got are thru. She and people like Biden and McConnell are the quintessential swamp or should I say sewer creatures. I could name others but we all know who they are.

      1. “The Dems hated her old man now, all of a sudden, she’s a hero to the left.” Betsy

        Who the hell on the left EVER called Liz Chaney a hero? Nobody that I respect ever would, that’s for sure.

        You sound as if you are scared, Betsy. What are you afraid of here?

    2. General, I think this is the first time I’ve ever questioned one of your comments, but I have to ask: Cruz building a bridge? Everything he’s done is Pro 45, including playing his part Jan 6th and beyond. He wants to continue the Wall as a Memorial/Tribute/Legacy for Trump. I have a better idea. All Trump loyalists can go to Texas (leaving time for sane people to get out), THEN we’ll build a wall all the way around Texas and they can secede from the U.S. as they’ve long wanted to. An “island” nation with Mexico on one side and the U.S. on the other. Whoo! Imagine the tariffs they’ll have to pay… 😆

      1. Bonnie Lee, the only thing that Cruz “builds” is a way for him the further his career. He doesn’t care about either side, so long as he can stay inbetween them, so that he can profit from the political traditions and support within his party, on the one hand, and to engage Cult-45, on the other, so that they will vote for him. He isn’t trying to “build” anything. He isn’t alone. I would put at least Sen. Josh Hawley in his same group, although they both seem to act self-servingly independently of each other.

        I apologize if I confused you about this.

  5. Rep. Cheney: WRONG. Trump is the Republican platform: not Lincoln. Think about black people, Lincoln fought the South because of Slavery? No he fought because of the Union wanted to tax the South. Lincoln owned slaves. The statue of him was erected by blacks and Lincoln owned slaves as well Washington, Jefferson, Adams…all presidents until Grant.

    1. The trolls here are out to prove you wrong with more words than anyone reads.
      Liz Cheney should probably find another career after her term ends.

    2. Mango is the leader of a cult of personality only and will fail among the population. The majority are sane thankfully but you don’t hear from them. Unfortunately, Those without an open mind often have open mouths..

      1. Stupid, they just censured her in Wyoming. That’s where she got elected..doesn’t matter what they do in Washington DC…she’s washed up.

        1. For now, she isn’t going anywhere. Her current term ends on January 3, 2023. In less than two years, we both will know how accurate a fortune-teller you are, Betsy.

  6. “Chris, we’re the party of Abraham Lincoln.” Liz Cheney

    That’s good.

    “We’re the party of Ronald Reagan. We have to really take a hard look at who we are and what we stand for, what we believe in.” Liz Cheney

    Now, THAT is really bad, and I agree, you have some more soul searching to do if that is what you believe. Ronald Reagan was terribly damaging to this country and our society. He was so destructive that conservatives STILL revere him and STILL have him on top of a stupid pedestal.

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