China Refused To Provide WHO Team With Raw Data on Early COVID Cases, Team Member Says

China refused to give raw data on early COVID-19 cases to a World Health Organization-led team probing the origins of the pandemic, one of the team’s investigators said, potentially complicating efforts to understand how the outbreak began.

The team had requested raw patient data on 174 cases that China had identified from the early phase of the outbreak in the city of Wuhan in December 2019, as well as other cases, but were only provided with a summary, said Dominic Dwyer, an Australian infectious diseases expert who is a member of the team.

Such raw data is known as “line listings”, he said, and would typically be anonymised but contain details such as what questions were asked of individual patients, their responses and how their responses were analysed.

“That’s standard practice for an outbreak investigation,” he told Reuters on Saturday via video call from Sydney, where he is currently undergoing quarantine.

He said that gaining access to the raw data was especially important since only half of the 174 cases had exposure to the Huanan market, the now-shuttered wholesale seafood centre in Wuhan where the virus was initially detected.

“That’s why we’ve persisted to ask for that,” Dwyer said. “Why that doesn’t happen, I couldn’t comment. Whether it’s political or time or it’s difficult … But whether there are any other reasons why the data isn’t available, I don’t know. One would only speculate.”

While the Chinese authorities provided a lot of material, he said the issue of access to the raw patient data would be mentioned in the team’s final report. “The WHO people certainly felt that they had received much much more data than they had ever received in the previous year. So that in itself is an advance.”

A summary of the team’s findings could be released as early as next week, the WHO said on Friday.

The probe had been plagued by delay, concern over access and bickering between Beijing and Washington, which accused China of hiding the extent of the initial outbreak and criticised the terms of the visit, under which Chinese experts conducted the first phase of research.

The team, which arrived in China in January and spent four weeks looking into the origins of the outbreak, was limited to visits organised by their Chinese hosts and prevented from contact with community members, due to health restrictions. The first two weeks were spent in hotel quarantine.

China’s refusal to hand over raw data on the early COVID-19 cases was reported earlier by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times on Friday.

The WHO did not reply to a request from Reuters for comment. The Chinese foreign ministry did not immediately reply to a request for comment but Beijing has previously defended its transparency in handling the outbreak and its cooperation with the WHO mission.


Dwyer said the work within the WHO team was harmonious but that there were “arguments” at times with their Chinese counterparts over the interpretation and significance of the data, which he described as “natural” in such probes.

“We might be having a talk about cold chain and they might be more firm about what the data shows than what we might have been, but that’s natural. Whether there’s political pressure to have different opinions, I don’t know. There may well be, but it’s hard to know.”

Cold chain refers to the transport and trade of frozen food.

Peter Daszak, a zoologist and another member of the WHO mission, however tweeted on Saturday that he had a different experience as the lead of the mission’s animal and environment working group.

“I found trust & openness w/ my China counterparts. We DID get access to critical new data throughout. We DID increase our understanding of likely spillover pathways,” he said in response to the New York Times piece.

Daszak did not immediately respond to a Reuters’ request for comment.

Beijing has sought to cast doubt on the notion that the coronavirus originated in China, pointing to imported frozen food as a conduit.

On Tuesday, Peter Ben Embarek, who led the WHO delegation, told a news conference that transmission of the virus via frozen food is a possibility, but pointed to market vendors selling frozen animal products including farmed wild animals as a potential pathway that warrants further study.

(Reporting by Brenda Goh in Shanghai; Additional Reporting by Stephanie Nebehay in Geneva, David Kirton in Shenzhen and Doina Chiacu in Washington; Editing by Franklin Paul, Tony Munroe, Shri Navaratnam and Clelia Oziel)


  1. Well, here’s the WHO, once again trying to make excuses for the Chinese biological attack on the world. They’ve been doing this from the beginning. The truth is that this is the second SARS attack by China from the same bio lab in Wuhan. Now the WHO is trying to say the virus came from frozen food. Oh yes, frozen food. Before it was bats. What’s next, aliens from space?? The problem is that the virus was traced from country to country on the backs of travelers to every nation affected. More lies from the Chinese’ lackeys in the UN.

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  3. It will be interesting when everyone figures out how much fauci is involved with the Chinese lab. You heard it here first.

  4. W.H.O. is terrified that the C.C.P. will cut off their supply of under age girls on their visits to the Karaoke Dens. Plus, this article calls the WHET market a seafood market. Thats a different deal. This thing never came from a seafood market and definitely not from imported frozen foods. Throw in the U.S. Military athletic teams as NOT the originators on their visit to Wuhan in October of 2019. My money is on the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Dr. Li and his associate were briefly jailed for blowing the whistle on this thing and then a couple of weeks later, they both died from it. Early 30’s and both healthy and they both died ? Cannot even calculate the odds on that happening for real.

  5. The ChiComms were never going to let the WHO team do a real investigation. First it took over a year for them to get on the ground in China. That gave the ChiComms plenty of time to clean up that facility in Wuhan where the virus likely came from. The ChiComms were then very irresponsible in their reactions ( we would call it negligent) which were denial while letting it spread to the world. The ChiComms need to be held responsible for their negligence causing deaths throughout the world. BTW you can call it the Wuhan Virus or the China virus. I call it the ChiComm Virus.

  6. didn’t WHO just side with china…. yes it came from china or no it didn’t come from china….

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