Chris Christie on Potential 2024 Bid: I ‘Would Not Rule It Out’ Running Against Trump

If President Donald Trump decides to run in the 2024 presidential election, he might face primary challengers.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) spoke on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” where he weighed in on a potential 2024 presidential run against Trump.

Trump has refused to concede the 2020 presidential election and has continued to push unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud — even after the Electoral College vote last week affirmed Joe Biden’s win.

“If President Trump decides to run in 2024, are you ruling out running against him?” radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Christie on Monday.

Christie responded, “I would not. No.” Asked a follow-up on if he would not rule it out or not run, the former New Jersey governor confirmed, “I would not rule it out.”

“Well, that would be interesting,” Hewitt responded.

An early survey by Morning Consult found that 54% of Republicans polled said they would vote for Trump if the 2024 Republican primary “were held today.”

Christie has been vocal following this year’s election, previously saying, “Listen, the legal theory put forward by his legal team and by the president is an absurdity and the reason why the Supreme Court didn’t take it is because it’s an absurd idea to think that any state, or any number of states, no matter how good they are, can challenge another state’s right to run the election as they see fit and also there’s no evidence,” as IJR previously reported on.


  1. chris christie? “run” for putus? the only thing that dud could run is his mouth. Sit down ph-atty, nobody likes you, even your dog thinks you are a turd.

  2. Puhlease. Christie is just another n a long line of back-stabbing RINOS. I hope he thinks he can get the Democrat vote because he sure ain’t getting any Deplorables. Such a waste of flesh.

  3. Christie is just another tremendous ego to go with his waist.
    Robert I’m with you on Gabbard. She has too much common sense to be a liberal.

  4. “Well, that would be interesting,” Hugh Hewitt

    I am confused. Hugh.

    Interesting for who? You? It does help to keep you employeed, and King Donald The Loser does make a never-ending supply of sad comic relief, but what does Crisco Christie have to offer? Not much, according to his last attempt.

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