Chris Cuomo Defends Having Kellyanne Conway on His Show: ‘Lets You See What You’re Dealing With’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said he likes to have Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway on his show because “she is very close to [President Donald Trump.]”

In an appearance on “The Late Show,” Cuomo told Stephen Colbert that he is friends with Conway. Despite their “vigorous fights” during her appearances on his show, he said he does not have “animous” toward her.

Cuomo said he believes it is of “of extraordinary value” to have Conway on his show because she shares what “[Trump] wants you to believe.”

“She has put herself in a position where she defends the president. I want her on television because she is very close to this president as an advisor. And what she says on TV is what he wants you to believe. And I think that is of extraordinary value.”

Watch his comments below:

Colbert pressed him on the truthfulness of her statements, “But it’s often a lie.”

“I would give her the credit of dissembling. She’s about spinning away,” Cuomo countered. But he agreed that Conway is “protecting someone else’s lie” at times.

Finally, Cuomo said he likes to have her on his show because it “lets you see what you’re dealing with.”

“I have her on the show because, I think, having the main advisor to the President of the United States is valuable to people — even if they oppose him. Because it lets you see what you’re dealing with, what you’re up against with the reminder that it beat you the last time.”

Cuomo has regularly sparred with Conway during his show, though earlier this month, he told her that he doesn’t think she’s a liar.


  1. Come on guys. Her gender has NOTHING to do with her inability to tell the truth.

  2. The fact is that Kellyanne, as a woman, ran the FIRST SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.

    I’d like to say that Kellyanne AS A PERSON succeeded. Her ovaries do not matter.

    Let’s wait for the first successful transgender campaign manager to celebrate it’s success, mentally ill or not.

    1. WHAT is the basis of your conclusion? Trump spokesman Sean Spicer was called out for his lies– Sean is not a woman. I don’t get what being the FIRST of ANYTHING .precludes them from scrutiny—YOU certainly did not perceive that based upon your assertions regarding the FIRST African American POTUS—You did not perceive it based on the FIRST Woman to win the popular vote for POTUS.—WHY don’t you just say it? All R’s get a pass from you.

  3. The fact is that Kellyanne, as a woman, ran the FIRST SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.

    We should celebrate this. Deluded, partisan “feminists” will never do so. Imagine if she were the first female astronaut. They’d beat down doors to make sure it was publicized.

    On the other hand, Kellyanne should be celebrated for her personal accomplishments, ovaries aside. She succeeded. That accomplishment should be acknowledged and recognized.

  4. Why is it a bad thing to hear both sides? Is it that they are afraid to let the left hear the other side of the story? You need to hear both sides so the people can decide for themselves the truth. The people of this country are smart enough to make their own decisions. I hope.just give me the TRUE facts and I will make my own decisions. We don’t need the media to tell us what to think.

    1. “just give me the TRUE facts and I will make my own decisions” Ron

      Using Kellyanne Conway as a “TRUE fact” source is a fool’s game and you (should) know that.

  5. Let’s me know she should be lauded by feminists as the first female to successfully run a presidential campaign… is loyal, intelligent, and well-spoken… is a mother, a patriot, and worthy of emulation — and that the people who constantly criticize her are not only misogynists, but are afflicted with “orange man bad” TDS!

    1. She is also a lying, butt-kissing skank. No offense meant Kelly Anne: you have worked hard for it.)

  6. BS. It’s all about. and only about,
    the ratings. It takes an enormous amount of talent to rave on as Conway does, twisting and turning. That Cuomo can even partially keep up is admirable. She is a paragon. of double-speak – I suspect the president regrets that she does not have a law degree!

    1. …as if a law degree makes you more capable or smarter.

      Degree-worship much? Maybe you’ll be ready when credentialed, degreed government elites run your life.

    2. Join the discussion…I think it is regretful that you are an idiot.

  7. Hilarious. Colbert attacks Fredo for “fraternizing” with the enemy and Fredo gives a rational reason for doing so…..and Colbert still won’t buy it.

    Umm. Who made Colbert high inquisitioner of thought purity? Give a little man a little power……

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