Chris Pratt Shows Up at Dodgers Faith and Family Day, Affirms the Power of Christianity


Christian actor Chris Pratt made a very powerful profession of faith at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Faith and Family Day.

On Monday, the actor took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to share pictures of his visit, along with his son Jack, to Dodgers’ stadium for Faith and Family Day, where they got to throw the first pitch.

“What a day! Jack and I got to hit the mound together, eat our bodyweight in Dodger Dogs and delivered the game opening announcement!” he wrote. “Thank you @ClaytonKersh22 for asking me to throw yesterday’s first pitch for faith and family day, what an honor!”

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But Pratt did more than just hang out with fans, eat hotdogs and watch a baseball game, he also gave public witness to his faith in a speech he gave to people gathered at the stadium.

Pratt stated that his faith in Christ has kept him grounded amidst all the weird, dark things that happen in Hollywood.

“It has truly made the difference in my life. It has grounded me in a way that I honestly never could be grounded. I live in this crazy world with all you folks, and I see the weirdest stuff in Hollywood. And I’m really grateful that I have that anchor. I mean, Jesus has been after me my whole life.”

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In the speech to the crowd, Dodgers star pitcher and future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw described Jesus as his “hope” and his “anchor.” “What anchors you? What gives you hope past this world?” he asked the crowd. “For us that’s Jesus. Jesus is our eternal hope.”

It is truly inspiring, and rare, to see a Hollywood celebrity like Christ Pratt speak so openly and eloquently about his Christian faith. And he is not one to shy away from sharing the Gospel message with others.

In an interview in May, he was asked about the hate that he gets for openly expressing his faith. He pointed to Jesus and reminded us that Christ was hated in his own day as well.

What makes this all the more remarkable is the fact that it is the Los Angeles Dodgers who hosted this event.

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That is not remarkable by itself, but just remember what the Dodgers were doing in June. To celebrate “Pride Night,” the team decided to honor an anti-Christian drag queen troupe known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

These “Sisters” are infamous for making a mockery of Catholic nuns and for their lude and obscene performances that make a mockery of the most fundamental truths of the Christian faith.

Just compare the blasphemy of that event to the wholesome nature of this event.

Here, instead of mocking Christianity, an actor is standing up and sharing with others just how important faith in Christ truly is.

These are the types of events that sports teams should be hosting.

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