Christian Artist Talks Success of Anti-Target Song


Christian artist Jimmy Levy spoke out after his protest song against major retailer Target reached the top of the charts.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Levy, 25, spoke about the success of his song “Boycott Target” with pro-Trump rapper Forgiato Blow, knocking singer Taylor Swift from the top spot on Billboard and iTunes.

“That shows that we’re the majority no matter what, the mainstream and Hollywood—and the industry wants to promote whatever agenda they want to promote and try to make us look like we’re the minority— people of God, patriots, Americans,” he said.

Levy added, “It’s just not the truth. And no matter what, God prevails.” 

He also recalled his reaction to seeing how quickly the song rose to popularity.

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“[It] was really, really crazy,” he admitted.

Levy, whose usual style of music is Gospel, revealed he was inspired to create the “Boycott Target” song when he witnessed the major retailer was “collaborating with the Satanist to make children’s clothing.” 

“It really hurt me,” he admitted.

He proceeded to call Target’s controversial move, “a spiritual war.”

Although the song reached success on the charts, Levy and Blow claimed it was censored on Apple’s music streaming platform and social media.

“It took like a couple of days for people to be able to actually search it on iTunes. The only way they were able to find it was on the charts,” Levy alleged.

He added, “They were not allowing it to be searched.”

However, after both artists brought the perceived censorship to light, Levi said, “Suddenly it was searchable again.” 

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He shared:

“And it’s like, ‘why is a song that’s speaking out against people that are basically grooming our children, getting taken down? It’s just very weird. Why are we protecting that? But we allow all these other horrible things online to just stay on, you know?”

This came after Target receieved backlash in May after partnering with transgender designer Eric Carnell, the founder of the U.K.-based brand Abprallen, to create LGBTQ-themed products in celebration of Pride Month in June.

Imagery such as the satanic symbol, Baphomet, and the slogan “Satan Respects Pronouns” was featured on the apparel.

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