Schumer Says GOP Senator Should Call off Election Hearing: ‘Ridiculous Charade’

While President Donald Trump has insisted that he actually carried the November election, some Republican lawmakers have also publicly questioned the results of the election.

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) recently announced that he will hold a hearing on the election “irregularities.”

Johnson said in a statement announcing the hearing scheduled for next Wednesday, “The fact remains that a large percentage of the American public does not view the 2020 election result as legitimate because of apparent irregularities that have not been fully examined.”

During a Thursday speech on the floor Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said, “Rather than accept the simple truth that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, there are actually sitting senators and congress members who prefer to undermine our democracy by indulging President Trump’s wild conspiracy theories about a stolen election.”

After mentioning Johnson’s coming hearing next week, Schumer said, “When is this nonsense, detrimental to our democracy, going to end?”

The Democratic leader added, “Chairman Johnson should call off this ridiculous charade of a Senate hearing immediately. And if he won’t, Leader McConnell should intervene to ensure that the committee does not indulge such quackery and conspiracy theories.”

Watch the video below:

Johnson built a reputation during the campaign season for using his gavel to dig into Trump’s political foes.

Amid his probe into Obama-era intelligence community, Johnson said that his investigation is aimed at helping Trump, saying, “I would think it would certainly help Donald Trump win reelection and certainly be pretty good, I would say, evidence about not voting for Vice President Biden.”

The Wisconsin senator also recently called on Attorney General Bill Barr to provide evidence to support the Department of Justice’s conclusion that Biden’s win was not the result of widespread fraud.


  1. Republicans can’t top the Democrats’ charade following the 2016 election. We were subjected to the Clintonites dangerous Russiagate scheme — lies that gravely damaged years of diplomatic progress that were essential to averting nuclear war. Guess who pays for the multi-million dollars Mueller investigation?

  2. “he needs to retire or get the “grassy knoll treatment!” Linda

    There you go showing violence towards people that you don’t like, again, Linda.

  3. “When is this nonsense, detrimental to our democracy, going to end?”

    Oh I dont know, how long did it take the Dems to call off the witch hunt of President Trumps election winning?

  4. Hey, Schmuck….more than half the country, including democrats, know the election was fixed. Our Constitutional rights to a free and fair election were violated.
    Of course, you Dims don’t care as long as you can get your power back. You personally should go out a get your first real job. Going from college right into politics has given you a misconstrued view of real working people. You work 138 days a year. We work 240. You get expense accounts, meals, hotels and free flights. We maybe get to take a car trip to Disneyland where nothing is free. You get a free retirement program that pays you full salary for the rest of your life. You get free Cadillac healthcare for you and your family for life. We don’t have either.
    Now you and Biden want to write off up to $50,000 student for each debtor. Just sign a line item, you say. Wow. Go read a book by the impeccable Dr Thomas Sowell, Economics Professor Emeritus, Sanford University. Don’t ask AOC; she doesn’t know the difference between a debit and a credit. Do you? A budget needs to be balanced: you don’t just line out an accounts receivable or an accounts payable. The trillions you clowns want to ‘give back’ will have to be repaid. First of all, no one twisted these students’ arms to sign up for more and more debt. Secondly, a whole lot of people have already paid their loans in full. Are they just fools for obeying the terms of their loans? And how does the government get that money back. Uhh…TAXES! From who? Same place as always, the middle class. Gee, all 169 million of us thank you. After all, we already support ourselves and the other 170 million people who don’t pay taxes.
    And so nice that you Congressmen want to give out Guaranteed Minimum Income. More trillions of dollars in OUR tax money given to people who ‘don’t want to work’. NO ONE who doesn’t want to work should get one red cent of tax money. Are you aware this was tried in Norway and Finland and was thrown out? They found out, amazingly, that people were not encouraged to go out and get jobs! Ambition died. In West Sacramento, the city decided to give $500/mo to gang members so their illegal activities would decrease. Bwaaaahaaaahaaa. Did not work.
    You need to retire before you’re recalled. You’re actually more ridiculous than your cuz.

  5. No Conservative is going to listen to this Russian collusion, tinfoil hat wearing, quid pro quo nonsense. If the Democrats know anything, it’s how to turn congress into a circus. Project, project, project.

  6. Any excuse to keep people from thinking about what a sorry bunch the Dems are! How about agreeing to a stimulus bill or passing a budget?

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