Climate Activists Dump Cow Poop at the White House To Protest Biden’s Climate Plan

Climate activists took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to express their disapproval of President Joe Biden’s climate plan.

They dumped more than a dozen wheelbarrows of cow manure at the White House on Thursday, according to Washingtonian’s Jane Recker. The demonstrators could be heard shouting, “Bullsh*t.”

The group conducting the demonstration is Extinction Rebellion, which defines itself as “a decentralised, international and politically non-partisan movement using non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.”

After dumping the cow manure in front of the White House, a sign was placed in the pile reading, “Stop the bullsh*t.” Another sign held up read, “Declare climate emergency now.”

In a statement, Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Reilly Polka said, “Net-zero by 2030 and other not in my term of office scams are far too little, far too late. Biden is punting the crisis to future generations with targets that rely on unproven technologies sucking carbon out of the atmosphere,” according to Fox News.

Polka continued, “This is a massive gamble to take when the well-being of the human species and the richness of life on earth is at stake. If he cared he’d set targets that expire while he’s still in office. We can’t keep waiting, we need change now.”

This comes as a two-day virtual climate change summit kicked off on Thursday with 40 world leaders.

Biden said on Thursday, “No nation can solve this crisis on our own. All of us, particularly those of us who represent the world’s largest economies, we have to step up.”

The president announced “a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution in 2030,” per the White House press release.


  1. Yes all those supposedly “green” rich people in Hollywood and big tech they want all of us peasants to give up our “luxuries” like a car, a furnace to heat our home, the milk we drink, the beef we eat and the right to have children (abortions are fine), but they can still live in their mansions, drive big fancy cars and take private jets whenever they want to their 3, 4 or more homes. We, the majority have to step up because it is our lives that make the biggest impact. Funny, when they talk about helping the little guy they always say we will take it from those terrible rich people and we are supposed to believe that when we know if you really need lots of money it is in the hands of the vast majority, that be the middle class. So guess who is really going to take it in the shorts both to do without and to pay for all of this!

  2. ‘Extinction Rebellion’ I love this. What extinction is this dolt talking about? The Cretaceous was hotter, had smaller polar ice and 3 times the CO2. It was one of the most diverse periods of Earth life. Really people, get an education. Stop believing what the Democrats and Democrat State Media keep telling you.

  3. Perhaps they should have eaten it instead. Man hasn’t a chance to stop the normal function of the planet, solar system and the galaxy. This period of inter glaciation when the warming peaks and the planet begins to cool again. Can man stop the earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes or tornados? NO! Man can’t stop climate change, just get out of the way. This period of inter glaciation began about 12,500 years ago and man’s use of fossil fuels began about 135 years ago. Do the math. Had this period of global warming not begun 12,500 years ago, no one could live on North America as it was covered by ice, 11,000 ft thick between Portland and NYC. Take some geology classes.

  4. Stupid as these people are, at least they bring balance. Now there’s bullshit inside AND outside the White House.

  5. that can apply to all of Biden’s plans. This shows the stupidity of these “activists” after all it would help their cause if they knew what they were talking about since the whole world is involved

  6. Are these people brain damaged? Last year, China installed new coal-fired power plants in excess of the TOTAL installed base of coal-fired plants in the world outside China. The US can take NO action that would offset the acts of China to pollute the world short of nuking Beijing and everyone in it. These S^&*heads don’t seem to get that it’s one world, and that the problem is not the US, which leads the world in CO2 reduction, but rather China and India, with nearly 10 times our population when combined. More unnecessary hot air from the climate whiners that only adds to the problem they are trying to solve, which may not be a problem in any case. They need to go howl at Xi Jinping, not us. They can take their bulls^&* elsewhere.

  7. To me the funniest part of this is this twits didn’t even know the difference between DIRT and cow manure. Seriously, I’ve lived on and been raised around farms and this “manure” looks like dirt to me which is what manure eventually becomes…dirt.

    1. Lived in Ag areas my entire life. Looks like bags of top soil from Home Depot. Cant see these whiners getting their hands down and dirty.

  8. I didn’t read where the ash wipes were even charged with littering. I bet if I had dumped a wheelbarrow of cow manure in front of Nancy Pelosi’s home I would be charged with something. They should be charged and made to clean the streets of south east DC for at least a week. They want the environment cleaned? Let them clean it. I wonder how much green house gas they produced during their trip to and from DC and how much green house gas was produced during the cleanup of their mess. Just another group demanding that someone else do something.

    1. Look at it closely…see any straw mixed in with it (which is typical for manure). It’s nothing more than dirt.

    2. They’d probably try to charge you with attempt murder you know how drama queens are
      Just tell them your a member of BLM or Antifa protesting white supremacy and get a “free pass” lol

  9. These so-called Climate Activists are nothing more than vandals and shitty vandals at that!

  10. Biden said on Thursday, “No nation can solve this crisis on our own. All of us, particularly those of us who represent the world’s largest economies, we have to step up.”

    oh you mean like china india and indonesia that are 3/4 of the worlds population that get to keep increasing under your plan?

  11. are you sure it is bulls**t? or is it excess because these people are full of s**t?

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