Hillary Clinton Calls for Abolishing the Electoral College After Casting Vote for Biden


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Electoral College should be abolished. But for now, she is casting the first of New York’s 29 electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton cast the first electoral votes for Biden on Monday. 

Watch the moment below:

Hillary Clinton shared a picture of herself on Twitter after she voted. She said, “I believe we should abolish the Electoral College and select our president by the winner of the popular vote, same as every other office.”

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“But while it still exists, I was proud to cast my vote in New York for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” she added.

Clinton, who was the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, won the popular vote in that election but lost the Electoral College and has been an outspoken critic of the Electoral College.

In a 2017 interview, she said, “I think it needs to be eliminated.”

In October, Hillary Clinton revealed that she was an elector for New York, as IJR reported. During an interview on SiriusXM’s “Signal Boost,” she said, “I’m an elector in New York.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll get to vote for Joe and Kamala in New York. So, that’s pretty exciting,” she added.

While Biden has secured the required number of Electoral Colleges votes to clinch the White House, President Donald Trump has refused to concede the election and has lobbed baseless allegations of widespread fraud. 

Clinton has also blasted Trump for refusing to concede and Republicans for not countering his allegations. 

“The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud. The states have certified the results. Yet Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of our democracy,” she said in a tweet.

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She added, “The emperor has no clothes. Republican electeds who continue to humor him have no spines.”

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