Hillary Clinton Slams Trump's Coronavirus Response: 'He Is a Reality TV Star'


Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a rare public appearance this week on Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ and talked about what she’s been doing during the pandemic.

Clinton said that she’s done “a lot of reading” and spending time with her grandchildren.

Later in the conversation, Clinton was asked where she thinks President Donald Trump went wrong in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Clinton said, “I think you have to start with President Trump’s total hostility toward science, evidence, facts, logic, reason. He is a showman. He is a reality TV star, he likes to try to bend reality to suit his own preferences.”

She continued, “He clearly started hearing about this back in January through intelligence briefings that he either read or didn’t read. But even before that … he had really made it clear that he was more interested in the optics than the facts when the virus first hit.”

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Clinton was also asked about the 2016 election, she responded, “It breaks my heart because I tried to warn people during the campaign that he was not fit for the office, he wasn’t prepared for the office. That his appeals to the basest instincts among us was really setting us up for more divisiveness and then I saw it literally from the inauguration forward.”

Clinton added, “Even people who voted for him expected him to rise to the job and increasingly that has become just impossible to expect any longer.”

The former secretary of state has been occasionally campaigning for Joe Biden, though campaign events have become almost entirely virtual during the pandemic.

Clinton endorsed Biden in April and in mid-May she appeared at a Zoom fundraiser for him and brought in millions of dollars. At the time, Politico reported that it was the largest haul at a single event without Biden present.

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