Clinton ‘Absolutely’ Stands by Claim ‘Nobody Likes’ Sanders, Says 2020 Dem and His Supporters Are ‘Ruthless’

When it comes to her harsh words for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is standing by them.

Clinton sparked controversy when it was revealed earlier this week that in an upcoming documentary, “Hillary,” she claimed that “nobody likes” Sanders.

“He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,” Clinton says in the documentary, adding, “He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

She then told The Hollywood Reporter that her view of the Vermont senator still stands.

Clinton hasn’t backed down on her comments as she also told the Los Angeles Times last week she “absolutely” stands by her remarks about Sanders, as the Times published the interview on Wednesday.

“It wasn’t just him, it was his major supporters, his online advocates,” she said of Sanders and his supporters, adding, “They were relentless, ruthless, in not just attacking me but people who supported me.”

“Some of the groups of women that formed, like Pantsuit Nation, to support me during the campaign were so barraged with vile attacks that they made themselves private groups. There was just something about what he not only motivated but accepted in how he talked about me, and how he allowed others to talk about me, that I found deeply offensive. And he seems to turn a blind eye, to approve, the same kind of behavior with respect to how other candidates, particularly women candidates, are being treated online by his rabid followers.”

Clinton continued to say that as for the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, there seem to be “vitriolic [assaults]” on women candidates that “seems to be heavily tinged with sexism.”

“There was a common saying in 2016, where people would say, ‘Oh yeah, I’d vote for a woman, just not that woman. […] But the vitriolic assault on Kamala Harris, which came online, [and] Elizabeth Warren, seems to be heavily tinged with sexism. And even the press, which I thought would get better — and did, to some extent — still they fall back into the old stereotypes, which are very rooted in gender double standards.”

Brian Snyder/Reuters

A few 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls reacted to Clinton’s remarks and suggested that for her to “say that nobody likes Bernie does not seem like a very helpful message,” as IJR reported.

Sanders himself also responded as he told reporters, “On a good day, my wife likes me.” He added that Clinton is “entitled to her point of view.”

After sparking a lot of reactions, former secretary of state then said via Twitter on Tuesday that she “thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views.” She added that she would “do whatever I can” to support whoever becomes the 2020 Democratic nominee.

As for her upcoming documentary — which will appear on Hulu on March 6 — Clinton teased it last Friday and wrote in the tweet along with a video trailer, “I’ve got the kind of life you can’t make up,” as IJR previously reported.


  1. Hillary states “He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,”

    So besides Uranium One, getting our Ambassadors KILLED in Benghazi, white washing and bleaching her illegal personal computer, running a bogus foundation, losing a run for POTUS she thought was in the bag with an Insurance policy, purchasing the Steele Dossier and starting an expensive Russian investigation what has Hillary gotten done.

  2. “He was a career politician.” says another career politician.

    Sure, nobody likes someone who promises to take away their money trees. D.C. is full of corrupt people who would need to find other work to do, to keep up with their priviledged lifestyle, once Bernie wins.

    Some people thought that candidate Trump would turn Washington upside down and even voted for him because of what he promised. Didn’t happen. However, a lot of people know that Sanders would accomplish much more of doing that because he doesn’t play their donorship game. He can’t be controlled the way Dear Leader and his cronies or most of the Democrats can.

    You can tell a LOT about someone by the people who oppose that person, right IJR members? Ha ha ha ha!

  3. If by attacking she means pointing out her record, then sure. Guilty. If pointing out her record is a problem then it’s probably her record that is THE problem. He’s got over a million individual donors but sure, nobody likes him. Somebody needs to muzzle this sociopath and lock her up somewhere forever.

  4. Genital,

    What will you do, now the Hillary, the DNC, and MSM are intent on burning Bernie a 2nd time? Gonna go Lyin’ Lizzie?

    Will you STILL vote Dim? Will you and your ilk strike out with a 3rd party or continue to swing the Dim party Left because they need your votes?

    How strong do you think your party is?

    1. I am confused.

      What makes you think that I would abandon Sanders now that he just took the lead in the nomination? You so silly.

      Just because every corrupt DNC leader, Democrat apparatchik, or media pundit is going to gun for him doesn’t mean that he will lose, either.

  5. “you really are confused.” John

    Not always. Sometimes OTHER people here are confusing.

    “He has been in D.C. for 29 years – that’s a career politician.” John

    You don’t comprehend much, do you?

    “Just who is the “Dear Leader”? If it is who I think, please specify examples. Don’t just repeat what you hear, back up what you say.”

    You seem new here, John. Hang around, pay attention and learn.

  6. There seems to be some Bernie operatives who have espoused ruthless, Bolshevistic, Stalinist things, although whether they are truly ruthless or just spewing remains to be seen. But Hillary is the last person to talk about others being ruthless. Bimbo eruptions unit come to mind?

  7. it hasn’t penetrated that the country didn’t want either one.

    1. You are confused, John.

      Just AFTER the election, I remember a poll indicating that Bernie Sanders had a favorability rating 12% higher than King Donald The Loser.

      Explain that one, will you?

  8. You want her to go away? Don’t watch her documentary.

  9. What a choice they present. God forbid any of them win. Imagine where our country would be if any of them won in 2016.
    We would be without 2nd (and most other) amendment rights, absolutely unaware of their criminality and dual justice system they practiced for decades,
    I believe Trump is just getting started with the rebuild of our country and returning our country to our Constitutional laws, principals and heritage.
    My concern is, when Trump wins again, these Communistic, anti-Americans will return to division, riots, destruction and rebellion that will make the Dr. Zhivago’s movie look like a Disney “Love Story”. Middle East terrorism will be encouraged (like it was for 2008 to 2016) and non converts (infidels) will be slaughtered.
    This is in need of serious prayer and concern.

    1. Ah, yes, there is that word again – heritage. Says a lot about YOU, Gene.

  10. Gee Hilllary, pot and kettle?

    Apparently enough people like Bernie or what he represents (yeesh) that he’s a candidate, unlike you, a person who lost TWICE and is also unlikeable.

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