Clyburn: House Coronavirus Committee Will Not Look at Trump’s Initial Response to the Crisis

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) is confirming a new “forward-looking” congressional committee will not be investigating President Donald Trump’s initial response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Clyburn appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper on Sunday where he discussed the role of the bipartisan select committee — which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) recently announced the creation of — and their plan going forward.

While the president has faced heightened criticism for his initial response efforts, Clyburn — who will lead the committee — insists that is not his focus, at this point.

“My understanding is that this committee will be forward-looking,” told Tapper.

He added, “We’re not going to be looking back on what the president may or may not have done, back before this crisis hit. The crisis is with us.”

Like Pelosi, Clyburn wants to make sure stimulus funds will be disbursed appropriately. Clyburn will be working with lawmakers to combat profiteering.

He reiterated that the goal is to offer direct assistance to American individuals and families — not “profiteers.”

“The American people are now out of work. Millions of them out of work,” he said. “The question is whether or not the money that’s appropriated will go to support them and their families or whether or not this money will end up in the pockets of a few profiteers.”

Check out Clyburn’s interview below:

Clyburn’s interview follows a string of reports about growing financial concerns amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar announced the investigations into hoarding and price gouging, as previously reported on IJR.

As local and state departments face shortages of medical supplies and equipment, profiteers have worked to obtain items and resell at astronomical rates.

Consumers are also plagued with price gouging problems due to shortages of cleaning supplies, such as disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, amid the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Well, a voice for reason. When Pelosi first announced this committee and it’s investigation, she directly spoke of Trump saying “he has blood on his hands”. She announced they would be investigating his handling of the crisis. Now, someone that’s leading corrects the focus of the committee away from Pelosi’s goal of slandering the President. Pelosi should be caged or sedated. We’d all be better off and the House could actually be doing some good.

    1. We would all be better off if some Americans worked on their reading comprehension. Pelosi announced the Committee as an oversight of the Covid stimulus. —The announcement followed Trump’s signing statement to the bill legally requiring IG oversight., that he would NOT be following the law. In an odd turn of events, Pelosi believed him and Trump supporters did NOT. Trump fired the DOD IG that was to perform the oversight and will be replacing with a Trump sycophant. R’s & D’s complained about the lack of oversight in the 2009 Stimulus Funds and there was bipartisan support for OVERSIGHT. Yes, those in the Trump Cult believe Trump can do whatever he wishes, but keep in mind that the Cult represents 46% of Americans. THAT is a MINORITY anyway you look at it.

      1. Try learning what the Executive branch powers are. Also, stop with the blatant lies about what Trump said or did. Pelosi made the statement that she was going to investigate the President’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. She meant to have yet another investigation an possibly another impeachment. But, the chairman has laid that to rest. As I said, finally someone with common sense is in charge. Not to be deterred, Schiff is starting another investigation as to why the intelligence director was fired without consulting Congress. News flash, Congress doesn’t need to be consulted. I’m sure Schiff has his sights on another fake impeachment complete with blatant lied throughout his opening statements. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats will do anything to gain power and control with no regard for America or its citizens.

        1. A commission investigated the 9/11 attacks resulting in 2,996 deaths took place during the presidency of GW Bush. A commission investigated the Sept 11th attack in Benghazi resulting in the death of FOUR Americans during the presidency of BH Obama. To date, there have been 16,456 COVID deaths in America during the presidency of DJ Trump. WHY would there NOT be an investigation? Adam Schiff has said the commission would be NEXT YEAR, not during the active pandemic.
          Simply because Trump was a reality TV host does NOT make his presidency a reality show. THIS is now and has been actual REALITY since Jan 20, 2017. Time has come for Trumpers to come to grips with that.
          Can you name a Democrat that has a record of 17,000 lies? Can you name a Democrat who was fined $2 million for stealing from their own charity?? Can you name a Democrat whose foundation was shut down by a state government? Can you name a Democrat that paid $22 million in settlement of class action fraud cases against them?? The TWO Congressmen under indictment at the time of the 2018 elections were both endorsed by Trump—AFTER the election both REPUBLICAN Congressmen (Hunter and Collins) plead guilty and are serving time in prison. The 2018 election fraud case in NC 9th district was not 5 individuals working to elect a Democrat. You appear to ignore corruption before your very eyes while imagining corruption where there is none.

          1. 9/11 was a direct result of the Cinton administration not doing anything about terrorism for 8 years and the failure of the Clinton holdovers in the CIA to hand over the dossiers of the pilots when ordered, to the FBI causing the delay in acting on their pilot training and what it meant. The debacle in Benghazi was a case of incompetence and then lying about it by the Obamanation and the Hillarrhoid after the fact. The incident began at 3:42 PM in Washington on a Tuesday and continued for 13 hours, but the administration and State Dept. did nothing about it at all. They falsely claimed to the relatives of the dead and the public for a week that it was a demonstration that got out of control, resulting from an anti-Muslim video. However, the Hillarrhoid had sent emails to her daughter, the Pres. of Libya and the Pres. of Egypt stating that it was a coordinated attack by Ansar Al Sharia to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11. The Hillarrhoid also falsely claimed they couldn’t respond because of a reduction of budget cuts by Republicans. The State Departments budget was increased in 2011 and 2012. Besides that, the administration had access to the Overseas Contingency Operations fund that’s there for precisely that type of operation. It consisted of $87 Billion. They lied. Now, the virus is not a coordinated attack by some foreign country or terrorist group, unless you are implying the the Chinese did create the coronavirus as a biological weapon and release it on purpose. Are you saying that. The U.S. has been woefully incapable of responding to the kind of pandemic that is now upon us, for decades. Are you saying that there were plenty of ventilators, masks and protective suits during the Democrat administrations? The department that the President reorganized, that had been in place during the Obama administration and the media concentrated on so much, was incapable of responding to this disease. The President reorganized it and place it under another office rather than the White House. According to governors like Gov. Newsom has praised the President for doing everything he said he would. Other governors have done the same. The President has managed to start the manufacture and distribution of the necessary supplies at an unprecedented level. Not since WW2, has America responded to the need and it’s all been under the command of President Trump. As far as Shifty Schiff conducting an investigation, we all know how that will go. It will be a one sided affair with the end goal of another sham impeachment, just like the last one, with the rules to ensure the intended outcome. No thank you. As far as your other BS, it’s just that. Nothing to see here.

  2. A committee for this, a committee for that. When are these committee lovers going to start a committee to investigate the money wasted on committees.

    1. Committee organizers don’t care as long they can annoy the President. And after all it’s only money, right, when hate overcomes common sense.

      1. It is 2.2 trillion DOLLARS! In what world would an American with common sense NOT want oversight?? OVERSIGHT was included in the bill passed in a 96-0 Senate vote and by a voice vote in the House. BUT, Trump indicated in his signing statement that he was not going to abide by the law. He then fired the DOD IG designated in the law to oversee the oversight. Are you referring to Trump’s “hate” of oversight??

        1. The President did not say he was going to violate the law, the DOD IG was not an actual IG and he was replaced according to the law. What drugs are you on? You’re worried about $2.2 Trillion, but fine with the Obamanation’s adding of $10.5 Trillion to the debt. In case you didn’t know, that 96-0 vote also included every Democrat in the Senate. The oversight is going to be done, but by an actual IG. You Democrats love to twist and spin every fact and statement to attempt to prove your point. Your comments are meaningless.

          1. 1. Have you READ the signing statement Trump added when signing the bill into law?
            Google it.
            2. I take a baby aspirin, Calcium 600mg – Vitamin D, and 1,000 mg Fish Oil daily all
            over the counter and all at the recommendation of my internist. WHAT drugs are
            you on?
            3. HOW could I NOT know every D Senator voted for a bill in which the vote was 96-
            0? The 4 absent Paul, Scott, Lee and Romney are all R’s.
            4. HOW is citing the signing statement spinning???

    2. If there was not a committee to investigate the 8 Benghazi committee investigations, please don’t hold your breath waiting for that committee to be formed.

      1. The Benghazi committees were convened because 4 people died, including an ambassador, after being abandoned by the Hillarrhoid and the Obamanation on a Tuesday afternoon in Washington. Then the incompetent State Dept head and President lied about it, over and over. Remember the Hillarrhoid’s statement, “At this point, what does it matter?”. Apparently, to those two, nothing.

        1. Have you yet figured out “At this point, what does it matter?” I have not heard or read an explanation of the difference if 4 Americans died for the same reason as the earlier demonstrations or “some guy just walking down the street.” In both the House and Senate investigations, Gen. Petraeus, Director of the CIA at the time of the attack, testified that he approved the talking points for Amb Susan Rice to present on Sunday show appearances. Do facts NOT matter to you? AND WHAT is up with the childish name calling?

          1. I know exactly what “At this point, what does it matter?” means. She didn’t care, during the attack or when she lied to the relatives of the dead or when the administration lied to the American public for a week. She had already identified the attack coming from Ansar Al Sharia. That’s the difference. The administration did NOTHING. They had $87 billion in the Overseas Contingency Operations fund, designed for exactly that purpose. Her lies about her budget being cut by Republicans was false. The State Dept. budget was increased in 2011 and 2012. She lied and lied and lied. They did nothing for 13 hours starting at 3:42 in Washington on a Tuesday afternoon. If not for the heroes of the GRS, many more would have died. Those are the facts. Something Democrats don’t care about.

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