Clyburn Claims the Country Is ‘Teetering on’ Giving Trump the ‘Authority To Be Dictator’

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) is comparing President Donald Trump‘s legal challenges to the results of the election to the rise of the Nazis in Germany.

During an interview on CNN on Tuesday night, Clyburn was asked how his party would respond if Trump and his allies pressured state Republicans to choose electors to the Electoral College who would disregard the votes in their state and cast their vote for Trump on Dec. 14 and secure a second term for him.

Clyburn said he does not “believe” that would happen, but he added, “It may happen.”

“I’ve been telling people for a long time now. I’m beginning to see what happened in Germany back in the 1930s,” he continued. “I never thought that could happen in this country. How do you elect a person president, then all of a sudden, give him the authority to be dictator? That’s what we’re teetering on here.”

Clyburn said that “cannot see that happening” in the U.S.

Watch the video below:

Still, he maintained, “I do believe that we are in for some rough sledding, but I don’t think it’s going to get any more ugly than it already has been.”

On Saturday, news outlets began to call the race for former Vice President Joe Biden. However, Trump has signaled that he is not yet ready to concede, and his campaign has filed several legal challenges to contest the results in battleground states.

When asked about the president’s refusal to concede so far, Biden said, “I just think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly … It will not help the president’s legacy.”

He was also asked how he can work with Congressional Republicans when many do not recognize that he won the election. He said, “They will.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters that “we ought to quit all the hand wringing” about Trump not conceding the race yet. He added, “We’re going to get through this period.”


  1. Well since a very large portion of conservatives are trained military veterans as well as being well armed go ahead and bring on your “civil war”

    PS there is nothing civil about war

  2. “The major difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump gets things done.” ray

    I am confused, ray.

    What planet do you live on, ray? Aside from giving the richest people in this country even MORE money, and the ability of our large corporations the ability to rape us and this country even MORE, King Donald The Loser has done nothing much at all.

  3. Hey, Rick! If you really think that Biden is a waste of money, then, how about YOU run in the next election and bump him out? You obviously feel you can do a better job at running the country. And , taking into account that Biden hasn’t officially been sworn in yet, and the garbage hasn’t been removed from the White House as well, how about giving the man your cooperation and trust for a year and let’s see where he goes. No need to be totally cynical right out of the gate here.Because if all Repubs were to think like that,- then, there may as well be another Civil War! North against the South! No muskets this time! Winner takes all! That’s what it’s all leading up to anyways. And, don’t think other countries wouldn’t take notice and plan an attack on the USA at that moment of American divisiveness…. The world is always watching the USA….

  4. The major difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump gets things done. Biden sleeps a lot. If Biden does get something done you can count on it not being good for you, but it will enhance his sons income considerably. After all, Hunter has an illegitimate child and one night stand to support. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. And, the General is correct, with few exceptions all politicians these days lie and are corrupt.

  5. “It’s great to see there are so many on this site backing President Trump.” Jean

    Misery enjoys company. How is King Donald The Loser’s getting dethroned going to change YOUR life, Jean?

    “We all know that with Biden there will be a return to the corruption and lying that we have witnessed during the Obama era.” Jean

    Almost all politicians are corrupt, some WAY less than others; and everybody lies, some WAY more than others.

    So, Jean, tell us how YOU feel about Dear Leader’s ~25,000 separate lies and all of his corruption, including his family’s corruption.

  6. Just another largely silent old school racist that hasn’t the brains nor will to leave his comfortable place on the plantation. He COULD be such a voice for good if he came over to the Light side.

  7. It’s great to see there are so many on this site backing President Trump. We all know that with Biden there will be a return to the corruption and lying that we have witnessed during the Obama era. It’s a shame Delbert hasn’t seen the light yet, but he sure can sling some garbage to others.

  8. You guys can’t remember a thing, but you sure can fling insults. Irrelevant insults. The only Trump Derangement Syndrome going on here is a crowd so deranged as to have voted for Trump in the first place.

  9. The only catastrophe is the corruption by the democrat party and their decades of cheating! Clyburn doesn’t have the IQ to make the distinction between Trump’s brilliant capitalism policies and the democrats cheating and derangement!!

  10. With that kind of comment, Rep. Clyburn PROVES that he does not know what a dictator is. He’s actually blind to what Democrats really are and want.

  11. Folks!!
    Right now with the uncertainty of who is going to be President it is IMPERATIVE that the Republicans retain control of the Senate!
    If the Dems take control of the Senate there will be absolutely no checks and balances as to the damage they can do to our country!

  12. I would much rather have a Trump dictatorship to run our country then the group of corrupt individuals, swamp rats,
    represented by Biden and Clyburn!
    Now I see that one of Biden’s top transition officials is John Brennan!
    Remember that lying communist scum bag!

  13. Sorry…the only Nazis, facist and Socialists are the Dems. Always try to project on others aren’t you Clyburn.

  14. If results stay as they are I’m hoping the democrats get the same kind of co-operation as they have given in the last 4 years… I want to see every Republican fighting tooth and nail to stop Biden and heels-up from changing this country… I want impeachment investigations every time they open their cheating lying mouths…

  15. This a good representation of the wacky thinking of Democrats. You will all be thanking them when the lockdowns continue in earnest and destroy what’s left of your lives.
    Clyburn is an idiot.

  16. Jimmy Clyburn is known in his home district as corrupt and proud of it. Anyone who compares Mr. Trump to Herr Hitler is a moron, and Clyburn certainly qualifies. You know, if Clyburn’s own ancestors hadn’t been so eager to sell their brothers and sisters into slavery when the opportunity presented itself, none of this would have happened. Ain’t that right, Jimmy?

  17. Clyburn is an idiot. He is also the guy who helped Joe Biden steal the election from Bernie and the other highly competitive democrat hopefuls. He gains an inordinate amount of power should Biden succeed to the presidency. Trump will follow legal processes that have been long established. Literally nothing he has done in his presidency has exceeded the bounds of what tradition and other presidents have time, except his Tweeting. Should Trump do anything beyond what is legal and appropriate, his support will vanish spectacularly. Don’t beleive the media propaganda, especially from IJR. They are a part of the disinformation efforts and always have been. Kudos to them for having comments. I suspect they would have zero traffic but for allowing comments 😉

  18. So happy that Joe is concerned about Trump’s legacy. Maybe he should concede, so the legacy is safe.

  19. THE only TEETERING THING HERE is this old FART that has mashed his BRAIN BADLY from sitting on it for 30 years in CONGRESS and doing nothing GREAT FOR HIS PEOPLE! PURE WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY!

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