Clyburn Vows Not to Acknowledge Committee Members Who Refuse to Wear Masks

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) announced new stipulations for committee members who refuse to wear masks during hearings.

In a letter addressed to his fellow committee member House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Clyburn recalled what transpired during their committee meaning on Friday.

Most Republican lawmakers failed to wear masks, and according to Clyburn, their actions “undermined the safety of everyone” in close proximity.

The top Democrat referred to guidance released by the Capitol’s physician that requires lawmakers to wear face masks while attending any House meetings held “in a limited enclosed space, such as a committee hearing room.”

The South Carolina lawmaker is now making it clear that he will not acknowledge members of the select committee overseeing federal response to the coronavirus pandemic who fail to wear masks.

“Going forward, as long as the Attending Physician’s requirement to wear masks is in place, I will not recognize any Member of this Subcommittee to participate in person in any Subcommittee meeting or hearing unless the Member is wearing a mask and strictly adheres to the Attending Physician’s guidance,” he wrote. 

Clyburn also noted what he finds “perplexing” about the refusal to wear masks is that Republican lawmakers “asked repeatedly to hold in-person hearings.”

“Yet every single Republican Member of the Subcommittee refused to comply,” Clyburn wrote.

For those who refuse to wear masks, Clyburn offered for them to participate remotely. Clyburn’s demands come as multiple states are seeing upticks in coronavirus cases.

Over the last seven days, several states have reported spikes in infection rates. Some states have even paused reopening due to spikes. Clyburn also stressed the importance of masks.

“Masks save lives,” Clyburn wrote. “As members of Congress, we have a responsibility to protect our colleagues, our staffs, our witnesses, the Capitol Police, and custodial and other frontline workers from potentially deadly exposure to the coronavirus.”


  1. It would be great if some rep used a vendetta mask, he didn’t say what kind of mask.

  2. He caught on to our secret. He found out that we’re trying to get them into small rooms and blow our cooties on them so they get sick and die. They’re worried they will catch the MAGA.

  3. Clyburn, will the people in your district have to wear masks when they come to your yearly, big old fish fry you use to bribe them?

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  5. Saw hearings and saw Clyburn the hearings are set so they are not together . so it is safe. As for Clyburn he is a party dictator and should never be a chairman. That is like shiftless and the Penguin with his pants under his arms. Can’t think of his name but think he is from New York or call it Gotham.

  6. “Yet every single Republican Member of the Subcommittee refused to comply.” Rep. Clyburn

    And there you have it. American Fascists have no interest in protecting THEMSELVES, let alone anyone else in this world.

    How can we expect to end the pandemic when legislators for half of this country refuse to participate in logical, necessary steps to curtail it? How?

    I am confused.


    1. John, you also are clearly a moron. The masks don’t help. They are only there for psychological purposes. Kind of like the safe spaces in colleges. And the members of Congress are spread apart that is not to be close to each other. but the most important thing is this disease is a bunch of bulshit and unless you’re high risk you will be fine.

    2. Fascists don’t make things voluntary, like wearing masks. You don’t even know what fascism is.

      1. A truly thinking person knows that we all have to mask-up. There is nothing fadcistic about protecting everyone, including ourselves.

        You are a self-important and dangerous idiot who is willing to sacrafice other lives.

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