CNN Admits Americans Likely Care More about Price of French Fries Than Jan. 6 Panel


CNN released a report on the Jan. 6 committee, admitting “voters may care more about the cost of French fries than January 6 panel’s compelling evidence.”

The news outlet’s report covered the return of the Jan. 6 committee to the forefront of congressional news on Thursday after their summer break.

The committee held a televised hearing just weeks before the midterms, continuing their investigation into potential wrongdoing surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, riot on Capitol Hill.

CNN then passed the question, “But are the American people listening? And do the committee’s efforts to undermine Trump’s cadre of election denier candidates in 2022 and vow to ensure he never again tastes presidential power have any chance of success?”

After discussing the Republican nominees running for state and federal offices while perpetuating the opinion of former President Donald Trump that the election was stolen, the article turned to other issues potentially plaguing voters in the midterm elections.

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The article referenced Consumer Price Index data showing an 8.2% rise in inflation in September and the cost-of-living increase which was at a 40-year high last month.

According to the recent CNN article, Republicans are focusing on a “dystopian picture of a nation in the grip of a crime wave to try to turn the election into a referendum on President Joe Biden.”

The story also touched on the revocation of federal protections for abortion rights, and went on to say that “polls repeatedly show that voters see the economy – a far more visceral issue in daily life than the threat to American democracy – as their top concern. “

“[A] New CNN/SSRS poll numbers published Thursday show that the economy and inflation are especially concerning to voters in competitive congressional districts,” CNN’s Stephen Collinson said in his article on the interest in the Jan. 6 committee.

The author stated, “While it would be too simplistic to say voters are more preoccupied with the cost of French fries than the price of democratic freedoms, it wouldn’t be far from the mark.”

Near the end of the piece, Collinson pointed out that economic concerns are “the driving force” in the upcoming midterms, with inflation being at the center of that concern.

The writer ended his assessment by saying, “Often, voters only realize that their democracy is dying is when it’s too late.”

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