CNN Blasted for What It Put in Article About Executed Transgender Who Was Convicted of Murder, Rape


Leftist news outlet CNN is coming under fire for its attempt to garner sympathy for a convicted murderer and rapist who was recently executed in Missouri.

On Tuesday, CNN broke the story of the execution of “Amber” McLaughlin, whose real name is Scott McLaughlin, a transgender person who was convicted of the 2003 rape and murder of Beverly Guenther.

It made headlines, according to the liberal news outlet, as the first execution of an openly transgender person in U.S. history.

Many on Twitter have pointed out that CNN seemed to have their priorities in the wrong place when reporting on the execution, focusing on McLaughlin’s gender rather than his crimes. But there was one in the report that really stood out to readers.

CNN wrote at one point in the report, “McLaughlin’s execution — the first in the US this year — is unusual: Executions of women in the United States are already rare.” But Twitter users were quick to point out that this execution was not unusual, as McLaughlin was actually a man.

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They are absolutely right to point that out. Despite what the left and the transgender lobby tell us, there is absolutely no way that a man can ever become a woman. Not only is it not morally right, but it is also impossible.

A man can dress, look, and act like a woman all he wants, but that does not change the fact that he is still a man. He can get all the surgeries and hormonal treatments he wants, but he cannot alter his DNA which says he is still a man.

CNN was also slammed for trying to garner sympathy for McLaughlin, focusing on the reasons that he and his lawyers asked for clemency, rather than on the crime itself.

It focused on the fact that McLaughlin struggled with mental health, was a victim of childhood trauma, and had shown “genuine remorse” for his crimes.

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Many people slammed CNN for saying that it made no difference, McLaughlin was still a murderer.

And that’s the point. Lost in all of this misplaced sympathy is the fact that McLaughlin was guilty of a heinous crime. According to the Associated Press, in 2003, he abducted Guenther as she left her office, repeatedly raped and stabbed her, and dumped her body near the Mississippi River.

Instead of trying to ensure that justice is carried out and the families of the victims have a sense of closure, CNN instead tried to convince us that McLaughlin was not a bad person, probably due to his gender identity.

Leftists seem to have a soft spot for criminals these days, even those who commit the worst offenses. Oregon commuted the sentences of all death row inmates, and Nevada is considering it.

This is not justice, rather, this is politically motivated injustice. If we are not able to call out evil when we see it, then we will not have a truly just society.

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