CNN Reporter, Crew Arrested On Air While Covering Minneapolis Protests

A CNN reporter and crew were arrested during a live segment while covering the heated protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his crew — including CNN Producer Bill Kirkos and CNN Photojournalist Leonel Mendez — were approached early Friday by a police officer mid-segment, as the officer said, “You’re under arrest.”

“OK, do you mind telling me why I’m under arrest?” Jimenez responded. “Why am I under arrest, sir?”

Another crew member said, “You’re arresting him live on CNN. We told you before we’re with CNN.”

The police said they were arresting the CNN crew after being told to move and not moving, according to CNN.

Watch the video below:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who spoke with CNN’s president, said he “deeply apologizes for what happened.” The governor was working to have the CNN team released “immediately,” as CNN reports.

He called the action “totally unacceptable” and “totally inadvertent,” and that the CNN crew “clearly had the right to be there.”

See the comments below:

The CNN crew has since been released, as CNN confirmed.

This comes as tensions continued to be heated with protests heading into the third day following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed 46-year-old black man.

Violent protests and fires have broken out in Minneapolis after footage of Floyd’s arrest went viral, showing an officer with his knee pressing into Floyd’s neck. Floyd later died in custody.

The Minneapolis mayor has called for the arrest of the officer involved, as he said on Wednesday, “Why is the man who killed George Floyd, not in jail? If you had done it or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now.”

“George Floyd deserves justice. His family deserves justice,” he added. “The black community deserves justice. And our city deserves justice.”


  1. A black reporter doing his constitutionally protected job gets arrested, but a killer cop is STILL not arrested.

    Grifter Amy Klobuchar is calling for action NOW. Where was her concern when she didn’t investigate a bad cop when she SHOULD have?

  2. I might have a tad more respect for Mr Mayor’s words if he had said “the Community” deserves justice instead of “The Black community”. If I’m not mistaken Minneapolis is a very multicultural city and decent people of any and all races were deeply offended by the police officers actions.

  3. A Latino reporter covering civil unrest by African Americans is arrested by a Caucasian trash police thug while a Caucasian reporter working for the same company, doing the same thing is left alone.

    The full story of the reason underlying civil unrest in Minneapolis.

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