CNN’s Van Jones Gives Biden a ‘D-Minus’ for Answer on Court Packing During Town Hall

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is getting a “D-minus” on his answer regarding if he is for or against expanding the Supreme Court from CNN contributor Van Jones.

“Yeah, D-minus on that answer,” Jones said on CNN Thursday night. “There’s just no way around it.”

He continued, “Now he’s put himself in this odd position where he says he’s going to wait until some other date.”

“I guess what he’s saying is that he’s holding out some hope that they won’t nominate this new justice if he continues to play this game. It doesn’t make any sense. None of it makes any sense. And so I think the reality is the Democrats are very angry and upset because at every level of the government right now it feels like the deck is kind of stacked against us.”

On why he thinks Biden will not give an answer on court packing, Jones also said, “Being able to pack the court has become a teddy bear for a lot of Democrats to hug onto at night and he doesn’t want to take the teddy bear away.”

Jones added, “I think he is hurting his own brand by not doing it.”

See Jones’ comments below:

Biden said during Thursday night’s ABC News town hall that he will let the American people know his position on expanding the Supreme Court before the Nov. 3 election. He has repeatedly dodged reporters on this issue, but recently said he is “not a fan of court packing.”

He reiterated during the town hall that he is “not a fan” of it, before being asked if he would make known his position before Election Day, to which he said, “Yes … depending on how they handle [Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation],” as IJR reported.


  1. What did Joe say that deserved even a D-? This was rhe most ridiculous excuse ever, and I hope Joe pays a big price!

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