Suspected Cocaine Reportedly Found in the White House Draws Connections to Hunter Biden From Twitter Users


A white substance found in the White House Sunday was reportedly identified as cocaine. According to The Washington Post, the discovery led to an evacuation. 

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi noted that the powder is being further tested and that it was found in the “work area of the West Wing.”

Although the substance was deemed unthreatening, the incident has drawn criticism and connections between Hunter Biden’s latest legal trouble and the alleged discovery of cocaine at the White House. 

Hunter” began trending on Twitter Wednesday morning which included posts on the subject. 

ACT for America founder and Chairman Brigitte Gabriel stated, “Hunter Biden has been rumored to be living in the White House and now cocaine is discovered in the West Wing. Coincidence?”

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Twitter user Ron Milner posted, “If it took the FBI 4 years to figure out the laptop was Hunter’s, how long will it take them to figure the cocaine was his too?”

Another user posted, “If Hunter gets caught with a bag of coke at the White House – my guess for his punishment would be a $5.00 fine.”

Do you think the cocaine was Hunter's?

This is in reference to Hunter Biden’s recent plea deal that included two misdemeanor charges and an additional gun-related charge, per Reuters.

The plea deal was criticized by Republican leaders amid an ongoing House Oversite Committee investigation. This has linked Hunter Biden and the Biden family to serious alleged crimes, via Forbes.

Twitter user Vince Langman summed up public sentiment stating, “The Secret Service covered up crackhead Hunter Bidens illegal gun purchase. You know they’re working on a way to cover up his cocaine they found in the White House.”

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