Comedians Create Podcast With Celebrity Guests Sharing Ups and Downs of Parenting


A group of comedians are joining together to talk about parenting in a podcast which also features celebrity guests.

On May 19, Megan Gailey, Kurt Braunohler, and Chris Garcia started broadcasting I Love My Kid, But…, which gives parents a “safe place” to “get away from it all,” per the podcast’s description.

According to the description, each guest will have an opportunity to “unload about the joys and challenges of being a parent.”

“You might learn a few things about how to be a better parent along the way, but it’s more important that you get to laugh and enjoy three very funny people vent about parenthood with other moms and dads who ‘get it,'” the description continued.

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It is available on the podcast platform Wondery.

Gailey, 37, spoke exclusively with People about the pressures constantly put on parents from outside sources.

“I think it’s hard to feel safe because there are just soooooooo many opinions! And even if you’re doing something ‘right’ for you and your family, there is a book, expert or article that will tell you it’s wrong,” she said.

Braunohler, 27, added, “I think parents have a hard time being honest about their parenting experiences because we’re all worried it makes us boring! Because parenting is hard. And often boring!”

He continued to emphasize the importance of being real about the difficulties of being a parent.

“You don’t want to be the person complaining you’re tired and your life is hard, but you are! And it is! And that’s OK,” he acknowledged.

Garcia told People, “I think parents worry that if they’re honest, it will reflect poorly on them. But guess what — parenting is really hard. It can make you feel vulnerable in ways nothing else does.”

He added, “But that doesn’t mean it’s not also hilarious and that we don’t deserve the space to openly vent about it.”


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