Comey Pans Trump’s Leadership Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Former FBI Director James Comey is weighing in on how President Donald Trump has led the country during the coronavirus outbreak. 

In an op-ed published by The Washington Post on Saturday, Comey criticized Trump’s leadership amid a global pandemic. While he never mentions Trump by name, he refers to several controversial comments the president has made since the virus began spreading in the country.

By contrast, he praised the Queen of England’s recent address to her people as a “master class in leadership.”

Leadership, Comey wrote, requires “authenticity, honesty and relentless, reasoned optimism,” and “doing more of what you should already be doing.”

He continued:

“Like this horrible virus, fear and anxiety are contagious. People in crisis watch closely and over-interpret a leader’s every word, gesture, and tone. They spot exaggeration or a lack of authenticity. Good leaders try to tell their people the truth always, but especially in crisis. … They are honest about the current crisis but clear-eyed about the path out of it.”

He added, “People crave leadership when they are afraid. But leading well during a crisis does not mean ‘faking it so people don’t freak out.’ It doesn’t mean promising people all will be fine or lecturing them for being frightened.”

Comey also cited former President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s address after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 as an example of how past presidents addressed the public in times of crisis. 

“That kind of honesty about the present is what makes possible reassurance about the future. Because the indispensable part of crisis leadership is this: No matter how pessimistic the leader is feeling about the present, the leader relentlessly communicates that we will be okay in the long run,” he said. 

Finally, he said, “Even without effective national leadership, we will get through this pandemic crisis. We will meet again, and, when we do, the United States will be a better country, with a much deeper appreciation for what leadership requires.”

Trump has been previously criticized for his rhetoric regarding the outbreak. He has called himself a “cheerleader” for the country and said he wants to give Americans hope as they face a global pandemic.

“I don’t want to create havoc and shock. I’m not going to go out and start screaming, ‘This could happen, this could happen,’” Trump said about his efforts to paint a rosier picture of the situation. 

But, CNN’s Chris Cuomo blasted his statements as “bulls**t,” as IJR has previously reported

““That’s exactly what leadership is,” he said, adding, “Anybody can tell people what they want to hear and make it easier. And then you know what you get? Exactly where we are, right now. That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard.”


  1. Comey is a remarkable D-bag, liar, traitor and a-hole. Can someone just make him disappear?

  2. This from the leader of the covert criminals that tried to deny the wishes of the electorate majority by attempting to frame a duly elected president.

  3. Comey is a fraud. More importantly, he is a criminal, and a traitor, and must be prosecuted.

  4. Is anybody surprised that Comey is still trying to trash our President? Haters will always hate. Comey is probably embarrassed about all his failed attempts to destroy President Trump, and is still trying to prove himself. But all he’s proving is what a petulant wannabe he is. Go away Comey — nobody believed you before, and we certainly don’t believe you now. Maybe you should look at the approval polls of how he has handled this hyped up crisis, and get back to us! On second thought, please don’t!

  5. Like whatever Comey says we should believe because he’s an expert and totally unbiased. What would do without his insight.

  6. With all this violent weather threat and an Easter without glorious celebration and family, I had to get a good LAUGH! Comey? What a nudge. A dufus. (Not to mention a seditious traitor, plotting to OVERTHROW MY sitting president!) I too will be glued to the T.V. as his withered, bawling ass is shown into his cell at GITMO. SHOTS, followed by the words, “Brennan, you’re up!”

  7. Pure desperation and deflection. “Don’t look here, look there.” Indictments are coming…

  8. Violated his oath of office. Made the FBI look really pitiful. Shouldn’t Comey be in Levenworth?

  9. Sp the crooked former FBI director is to be believed?

  10. It’s going to be a glorious day when his smug ass is indicted for something. Karma’s a b*tch and he’s got a lot of karma coming to him.

  11. Why are James Comey, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page still running lose? They destroyed any credibility the FBI had……

  12. Bless his heart Comey wouldn’t recognize honesty if it jumped up and bit him in his behind.

  13. Leadership, Comey wrote, requires “authenticity, honesty and relentless, reasoned optimism,” and “doing more of what you should already be doing.” Well isn’t that precious? Comey had a chance at leadership and failed miserably. Why this is worthy of print here is puzzling.
    As for Cuomo…. what has he ever led? His brother seems to differ about President Trump.

  14. Anything to take the ‘HEAT” off of yourself there, eh, Comey? 😉

  15. Ha, ha. Does Comey actually listen to himself. First he criticizes the President for trying to keep people’s spirits up, telling people not to panic, then he talks about FDR. Perhaps Comey forgets FDR’s famous comment, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”. That’s exactly what the President has been trying to do with telling people not to panic, that things will be OK, that the nation and economy will recover (recover is exactly what the market has done. Notice how the media was quick to point out the worst week in market history, but failed to point out the best week, lask week, in the markets last 45 years.). Could the media and Trump hater, Comey be any more transparent in their prejudice.

    1. Poor Comey is just trying to get his two cents in before Durham indicts him.


  17. F’ck you comey you criminal baztard. Get ready for prison, Barr already has your warrant.

  18. It’s becoming more apparent Comey and the FBI were involved in corruption for some time. I’ll laugh when he’s on trial.

    1. I’ll laugh when he’s behind bars. Love to see how the fed gets along with the brothers in prison.

  19. Hmmm.
    Is it just per chance that the ones that talk over and interrupt President Trump are whining, cryng, dem/leftist/prog/socialist? Brennan and Clapper tried running their mouths and acting all pious just like you do. Neither they nor you are fairing well in the fake Steele dossier and Mueller report investigation. Come to think of it, neither is Hillary but she still spews nonsense too.
    Keep talking and digging that hole you worthless bottom feeder.

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